How James Dondero Changed the Capital Markets In His Country

James Dondero is the Chief Executive Officer at the prestigious Highland capital management. During a recent ceremony, the investor donated a lot of money that would be used in aid of charity events. Through the donations, the kitty would help to improve the lives of various people in Dallas. For instance, James Dondero is always committed to ensuring that educational opportunities are relevant to everyone in Dallas. Visit to know more about him.

His place in the family

In the program, he has established extensive opportunities with many investors from other countries thus enhancing unique partnerships in the states. Moreover, the inhabitants of Dallas are always obsessed with his initiative because it has changed their lives well. During the capital campaign, James Dondero granted the institution one million dollars which would be used to manage the activities of the institution.

The zoo in Dallas

The donations were paramount to the institution because they improved the structure of the school. For example, they helped in private investments and special education which was held at the school. Since the investment is built on a highland area containing 4485 square foot, the management of Highland capital would help in the development of activities.

The scholarship programme

During the highland’s donation to the Towers scholarship program, the management gave a gift of 2 million dollars to the Southern Methodist University. The donations would help the undergraduate students to conduct their policy making programme, initiate study activities, and provide opportunities so that they can produce excellent results while at the institution. Moreover, the students could access significant information from global leaders during their last years in their internship programs.


Freedom of education

Due to the desire for the organization to provide financial assistance to various people, the management decided to help the youth so that they could fulfill their dreams. Through educational freedom, the students could receive professional development, internships, mentorship programs, and standardized test preparation in their quest to obtain better knowledge. Moreover, the leadership of James Dondoro provided the famous George W. Bush library which was equipped with artifacts and historical records and thus enabled them to understand various historical information keenly. Read more at Wikipedia about James Dondero.

Master 5 Press Release Writing Ideas to Kick Off Your Next Content Marketing and Advertising Campaign

If you would love to secure media insurance coverage for your organization, you intend to understand exactly how to write a news releases. News release writing is not uncomplicated given that you wish to master the concepts, style as well as make up a severe angle to boost the media’s interest.

Recognizing exactly how it is possible to boost the chances of obtaining publicity might enhance the outcomes. Master these 5 composing suggestions Which You Can put on your following material advertising and marketing effort:

A wonderful technique to employ is to consider subjects that intrigue you to search, listen or see from the media.

1.Supply newsworthy subjects.

Lots of individuals are looking for topics that supply answers to their common difficulties or find out new information. Prior to composing your best press release distribution, respond to a few inquiries to Think of a relevant release:

  • What’s brand-new in my narrative?
  • Can it attract any person outside my business?
  • Is there something unforeseen or surprising regarding it?
  • Can they listen to it?

Are you eager to talk about your tale? If it doesn’t provoke people, they will not care to read it.

If that holds true, stop for time and also consider ways to make your story interesting. Think of an unusual angle to give it.

2. Offer the optimum details at the start.

The intro or very first paragraph have to contain the primary details which you have to show the audiences.

It’s your opportunity to capture their interest as well as maintain them reviewing your narrative. If your story does not interest them straight from the start, they won’t continue examining it.

You need to grab their focus by offering the most substantial details of your story. Ought to they obtain pleased, after that you can land a probable media insurance coverage.

Should you discover it hard to do that you can look up cases from the documents.

3. Craft an eye-catching heading.

By simply having a look at the topic line and also heading, after that they ought to obtain specifically what your info has to do with. Must they discover that it’s incomplete or challenging to comprehend, they won’t invest some time troubling.

It ought to have an essential word likewise.

The subject line should order the passion of the media. It must communicate what they can anticipate from their statement.

4. Maintain it concise.

It complies with the conventional size of brief information in the documents.

It’s about a couple of paragraphs, including the quotations. In the event the release is much more, you require to reduce on it while protecting its high quality.

It’s possible to use a subhead if you would certainly like extra ideas from the headline. It likewise requires to have a keyword phrase such as a heading.

Journalists do not mind visiting bullet factors, specifically if you have realities and also stats to highlight.

5. Usage quotations correctly.

” Quotes must be employed to provide understandings instead of advice.”

Offer quotes from the leading execs, like the Chief Executive Officer, designer or the president of your organization. You might even estimate any person who’s influenced by your declaration like your customers. Estimates out of your firm are much more effective as well as offer more validity because it appeared of a third party.

It’s an useful approach to supply point of views or understanding rather than information. Quotes must not be loaded with company jargons and also buzzwords.

Services can use it to explain the value of the declaration since it supplies a context. It affirms the narrative considering that it makes it appealing.

One more fantastic pointer which you can use is to compose a couple of lines to review your declaration. It is often a short summary of what your story has to do with. You might also explain exactly how it can fit in their media electrical outlet or exactly how it can enhance their beat.

Following that, it is feasible to replicate paste your launch under. Don’t consist of any accessory in situation you do not require to shed your chances of obtaining advertising and marketing. It is a concept in pitching to not have an accessory in e-mails due to safety reasons.

It is feasible to consist of links to images, video or infographics. Never connect multimedia.

If your first effort did not land you direct exposure despite following this recommendations, do not quit trying. Besides, you should obtain knowledgeable about your intended journalist and also create relationship. Have persistence, and also you will swiftly get effects.

Luke Lazarus: Serial Entrepreneur and Seasoned Startup Consultant

Luke Lazarus is a Melbourne-based startup consultant who has a track record as an entrepreneur for more than 20 years. Luke is famous in the south eastern coast of Australia as an advisor to most CEOs as well as for his ability to form successful partnerships and build businesses. Luke Lazarus has worked as a business consultant in Australia, offering advice to upcoming businesses on how to run their enterprises.



Education and Entrepreneurial Journey



Knowledge in the business arena has been vital in making Luke Lazarus the consultant he is today. He graduated with an MBA from Melbourne Business School when he was only 24 years old. After that, his enthusiasm for business led him to start and sell four companies before he reached 33 years. Indeed, his vast experience has been the key driver in shaping up the advise he gives businesses on identifying challenges hindering growth and eliminating them.



Areas of Expertize



Luke Lazarus has used the past decade to gain tremendous experience in matters business. The ten years he has spent in entrepreneurship has enabled him to offer the services below to his partners and clients alike:



  • Investor Presentations- Luke Lazarus has managed to secure millions in startup money from investors due to his presentations. His keen eye for detail has enabled him to identify the factors ailing businesses and seek financial support required to put the venture back on track.


  • Business Plans- every new business requires a well-thought-out business plan. The plan defines the mission, vision and potential clients that the business targets. Over the years, Luke has understood that the only way to sell a business plan is to make it simple and concise. The product story should be easy to explain to investors, customers and partners. Occasionally, Luke Lazarus has always advised clients that the foundations for a successful venture are set if the product is synonymous with its story.


  • Financial Projections- often, a startup’s profitability is pegged on their cash flow and their ability to project profitability. Lazarus has managed to steer a plethora of companies to success because of his unique ability to anticipate the expected revenue in the startup over a certain period. Doing so not only provides a clear picture to investors but also ensures transparency and consistency.


  • Market Research- Lazarus assists the startups he is involved with in researching their potential markets to give them an upper hand before venturing out. Doing so enables him to analyze competition and establish buyer personas.



Lazarus’ Typical Day Routine


Luke Lazarus believes in starting his day early. After that, he meditates before hitting the gym for his daily workouts. After exercising, Lazarus checks his emails, prepares his to-do-list and makes himself a cup of coffee. He says that his nature of work requires organization and a clear agenda. These two components are key ingredients to success in entrepreneurship.


The Annual Polar Bear Jump of Kisling Nestico and Redick (KNR)

Kisling Nestico and Redick (KNR) has always been known for their charity and philanthropy efforts and they are very focused on helping kids out in their time of need and hardships. Kisling Nestico and Redick (KNR) holds a year-long charity program that is geared towards helping kids reach their full potential and helping them develop their innate skills and talents.

Kisling Nestico and Redick (KNR) held their 16th Annual Portage Lakes Polat Bear Jump because winter is definitely the perfect time to swim. The saturday of the 23rd, the team of Kisling Nestico and Redick (KNR) will transform themselves into cute, white Polar Bears and take a freezing plunge into the icy lake all for the Akron Canton Regional Food Bank. The Kisling Nestico and Redick (KNR) is not just doing this for fun, they are hoping to raise $25,000 this year and they are inviting others to join their cause – or also attempt to have a bit more fun and bump them off the leader board for this friendly competition.

Everytime that the Kisling Nestico and Redick (KNR) participates in the Polar Bear Jump, it has been serving as one of the definitive moments of their year. Nestico notes that there is always something special with coming together with you loved ones, family and friends, and uniting for one purpose. The members of the community also pledge their support to the cause and are determined to help those who are in need.

Participating in the Polar Bear Jump is part of the year-long charity campaign of Kisling Nestico and Redick (KNR), called KNR Cares About Kids. Along with this campaign comes their Spring Break Donations which cover for the food provision of the kids during spring break.

The CEO of the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank, Dan Flowers, punctuates that more that 1 out of 5 kids in their eight-county service area do not enjoy the full security of food provision. And it only takes about $1 to provide four meals for a neighbor in need. The donation and contribution of Kisling Nestico and Redick (KNR) will provide food to cover 100,000 meals that will help the individuals and communities covered by the food bank.

Agera Energy Gets A New Chief Financial Officer

Agera Energy has been expanding pretty rapidly over the past few years; with this growth has come a few replacements and additions to the team. This is especially true with upper management positions, as the company has recently named a new Chief Financial Officer in Mark Linzenbold. Mr. Linzenbold has had a varied career in the retail energy business, with many of these positions being in the C-Suite management. He initially got his start in the industry with KPMG, where he worked as a Regional Manager for several years. Through this, he was behind many key decisions that helped to expand KPMG’s existing consumer base. Read more about Agera Energy at Medium.


Following this, Mark Linzenbold took on the role of Vice President of Business Planning & Corporate Controller at Strategic Energy; while Strategic was a key competitor of Agera Energy in some key areas, this still provided some much-needed experience for Mr. Linzenbold in these areas. However, Mr. Linzenbold’s journey to Agera Energy went through another one of its competitors before the two were able to come together. It was at this point in Mark Linzenbold’s career that he joined another retail energy giant in Direct Energy. Mr. Linzenbold spent seven years with the company, helping to rapidly expand the companies customer base while also launching operations in some other areas. Learn more about Agera Energy at Linkedin.


This was also something that Agera Energy CEO Geoff Duda praised when welcoming Mr. Linzenbold to the company. Mr. Duda noted that this experience, and the skills that come with it, would make Mark a valuable asset to the overall company. Geoff Duda also said that Agera Energy would be able to continue its growth, and possibly even increase its pace, with Mark Linzenbold’s arrival. When announcing that Mr. Linzenbold had signed on as Agera Energy’s new CFO, Geoff Duda also praised his experience in a few key areas related to retail energy. These include the likes of finance, business management, and organizational development; Mr. Duda noted that by improving Agera Energy in these areas, the company should be able to fuel its overall growth. Because of this, Mr. Duda and the rest of the leadership team at the company are excited to have Mr. Linzenbold on board.


Allied Wallet Looks to Bring Solutions to the E-commerce Sector

Allied Wallet is a fast-growing American tech company has been dedicated to innovating and revolutionizing the e-commerce sector. It is transforming how payments are made online by consumers to online merchants. Its payment processing solutions have caught the attention of many people including consumers and business owners. As much as the company has maintained an upward growth trajectory, it has faced its share of challenges. It leverages a good company culture and great leadership team. Allied Wallet perceives challenges as an opportunity for greater growth and success.

According to Allied Wallet’s CEO, Dr. Andy Khawaja, the company has challenged itself to challenge the status quo to be able to grow to scale new heights of success. Dr. Khawaja added that they are focused on advancement. Additionally, he outlined their intention to bring Artificial Intelligence into the payment space. It is shaping the future of online shopping transforming shopping experience for consumers while empowering merchants to make super profits.

The CEO was featured in an article where he talked about the company and his leadership style. He said that he values each member of his team and he always wants them to be happy. He has been able to create a company culture which makes staff feel at home throughout all of their offices located in New York, Los Angeles London and more. He has confidence in his employees and the company at large. They are striving to add new products and services.

Dr. Andy Khawaja believes that the future holds big things for the company. The company will take the world by surprise with new, cutting-edge products and services in addition to the existing ones. It is interesting to see what the future holds for the company and the e-commerce sector at large as the company continues to grow in all facets.

Apart from being busy with bringing new solutions to the world of e-commerce, Allied Wallet and Dr. Andy Khawaja are also making headlines for their big hearts. They have contributed to numerous groups including ASACP, Eagle and Badge Foundation, Wounded Warrior Project, American Red Cross and many more. They feel that it is their responsibility to leverage their success to deserving groups such as Paralyzed Veterans.

More information available at

How Isabel dos Santos Acquired Her Success

When it comes to women empowerment in Africa, very few people across the world are familiar with the strides African women have taken to not only be independent, but also make a statement in the world. One such woman is Isabel dos Santos. She is one of the richest African women and the eldest child of a former Angola president who reigned from 1979 to 2017. According to research conducted by the Forbes Magazine in 2013, Isabel dos Santos´ total net worth totaled up to approximately three billion US dollars, and this makes her the first African woman billionaire in the continent. With six years passing by since 2013, her wealth has continued to grow.

However, being a woman in a world that is wholly dominated is not easy, and this is what makes her stand out. According to Isabel dos Santos, the men in her life are the most significant influence she has when it comes to the success and wealth she has accumulated over the years. Her father encouraged her to do the best she could to achieve her dreams. She has the freedom to choose the career she desired, and this motivated her to give her career choice all the effort it required.

Her husband is also a pillar of support in her career and has been a crucial part of her success. He provides her with encouragement and honest advice. Apart from being the best husband, he is also the best father to their children. The information she offers to parents is that they should help their children establish an early sense of responsibility and confidence. Teaching them to fend for themselves enables them to rely on themselves as well. Isabel know the urgence of empowering girls with the necessary life skills will teach them how to manage their salary, finances, and investments wisely.

According to Isabel, being in a male-dominated society has significant challenges like prejudice and discrimination. On several occasions during business meetings, she has had people tend to negotiate deals with her male lawyer and advisor even though she was a shareholder or the owner of the business. However, rising above prejudice makes her the best in the business sector.

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Article Title: The Fashion Reseller, the RealReal Is No Longer Ignorable

Article Text:

The growth and expansion of secondhand e-commerce has become one of the biggest motions in the retail industry. Sites such as The RealReal have become the answer to fashionable and smart shoppers. The resale market for fashion has become particularly hot. A report published in 2018 covering the position of the resale industry indicated that shoppers are now smarter than ever, choosing to go for secondhand at expediting rates. The RealReal has proven to be quite something .The luxury consignment retailer that is based in San Francisco has now taken charge in this shift, focusing on authenticity, sustainability and the never-ending cycle of luxury items.

The previous few years have witnessed the escalation and thrive of resale and the rise of other market disrupters. The online retailers have made it easier to buy, purchase, subscribe and even resell like never before. Along with this motion, the preferences and behaviors of buyers have also changed. For instance, back in 2009 purchasing a new Gucci handbag seemed unlikely as there were no many options rather than purchasing it in the main market. However in the present day, The RealReal has come up with several options and it is now possible to purchase that Gucci handbag secondhand at a lower price. Such a focus on making new lifecycles for luxury materials offers quality items with a new life and also provides buyers with more leverage more than ever. Most notable modern closets are now experiencing a powerful evolution and resale is the force behind it.

The RealReal was founded in 2011 by Julie Wainwright, a dot-com entrepreneur, and the previous Chief Executive Officer for Pets.comand Down the line, The RealReal’s popularity has risen together with the luxury resale. The RealReal site has extensive pre-owned collections from some of the top world designers including Gucci and Louis Vuitton bags, Chanel jewelry, Tiffany jewelry, Cartier and Rolex watches and outstanding shoe collections Christian Louboutin and Manolo Blahnik. The modern insights that The RealReal offers, enables consumers to track the value of products they purchase with ease, resulting in more retail purchase in the main market.

End Of Article

How Ashley Lightspeed Entered The World Of Venture Capital

Ashley Lightspeed grew up with a strong interest in design. Her dad was an architect and she thought that was the career she also wanted to pursue. She ended up designing new businesses instead. She was a student at Duke University and also studied in Copenhagen. She developed her interest in launching new companies during her college coursework.

She began her career as a consultant at Bain & Company in August 2012. After three years she decided she wanted to do more operational work and work in Silicon Valley instead of Washington D.C. She moved across the country and found a job at Thumbtack on their product team. Ashely Lightspeed was a category manager in the Events & Weddings industry. She would wire-frame product ideas for her customers and use prototyping in order to get feedback on them. She says that prototyping is incredibly important for her as it gives her a way to fail fast and come up with new ideas faster. To learn more about Ashley lightspeed view her Crunchbase profile

It was while Ashley Lightspeed was working at Thumbtack that she first explored the world of venture capital. She was really interested in this because it’s a way to see into the future and create the next up and coming product ideas before they become established. In order to enter the world of venture capital, she left Thumbtack and became a student at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

Ashley Lightspeed spent time while at Stanford exploring starting her own company. She also did consulting work. She eventually joined Lightspeed Venture Partners where she is on the consumer investing team. She works with startups in many industries where she helps them figure out their growth strategy. She says what she is looking for is craftsmanship. She says that is a spirit and a way of creating something very compelling.

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Flavio Maluf Is An Idea Man Who Is Behind The Success Of Eucatex

Flavio Maluf is a man who has worked very hard to create a successful company. He studied at the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation and eventually earned a degree in engineering there. In 1997, he decided to take over his family’s business and has guided it towards success ever since.

Flavio Maluf has suggested that entrepreneurs do their homework before taking on a business. He knows that many aspiring businessmen and businesswomen believe that running a company will be easy and that they will become wealthy fast. He has suggested that this belief is a myth and that it takes hard work and dedication to build a business that lasts. Maluf also wants entrepreneurs to know that it doesn’t always take a lot of money to create a company. Passionate businesspeople can seek out investors that will help them to build the enterprise of their dreams. Read more about Flavio at Exame

Flavio Maluf is the chief executive officer for Eucatex, which is a company that was created by his family. The name of the company comes from the Eucalyptus wood that it uses to create the slabs of wood that other companies desire. The original mill for the company was founded in the early 1940s, and his father and uncles played a large part in the creation of Eucatex.

Flavio Maluf is a dedicated entrepreneur, and he starts his day early in the morning. He likes to pay a visit to the group factory, where the product his company makes originates from, on a weekly basis and also takes part in many meetings during his working week. He enjoys reading and has found that a lot of his ideas have come from the magazines he reads. He likes to spend some of his offtime looking for new ideas and has found that many of these can be found on the internet.