Handy Impresses Many

Handy has grown to become one of the most successful home cleaning services in the industry. Handy has achieved its status through engaging in creative marketing and implementation strategies. Handy works with only the best of the best freelancers, and clients can book and pay for services through an easy-to-use app. The company’s growth has been staggering.

Handy has expanded into various home cleaning services beyond basic home, office, and apartment cleaning. Consider it appropriate a company named Handy would offer handyman services. Basic home maintenance and even plumbing can be booked through the app. Handy has even expanded into furniture delivery and assembly. All of these new endeavors can be considered very good signs for investors. Customers are thrilled with what Handy has to offer and are willing to book Handy services outside of the original home cleaning sphere.

And there has been a lot of investment into the Handy experiment. According to pepinherstep.com, in late 2015, on the heels of a rival shutting down operations, Handy raised around $50 million in funding. Investors like to see returns, huge returns, on private equity funding. $50 million reflects an enormous amount of faith investors have in the success of the company.

Customers have a great deal of faith in Handy as well. Otherwise, they would not be spending $1 million in bookings. Read more on http://www.onthesceneny.com.


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