Securus Technologies’ Outstanding Customer Service Earns A Stevie Award

On March 8, 2017, it was announced that Securus Technologies customer service department won an illustrious award given out by the Stevie Awards. The award, Gold Stevie Award in the Best Customer Service Training Department, recognized the company’s commitment to providing excellent customer service to their customers through continuously improving their training and knowledge.

The Stevie Awards is a global organization that recognizes the best in customer service, business development, sales professionals, and contact centers. The awards were given out at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. In attendance were 650 executive officers from around the globe.

Securus Technologies received tough competition to win this award as there are over 2,300 nominations from every size of company and in every industry. The finalists for each category were selected by 77 professionals who acted as independent judges. for the category of customer service, there were 61 criteria that they judged on. After the finalists were selected 75 judges determined the winners of the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Stevie Award winners.

The Senior Vide President of Operations, Danny De Hoyos, stated at the awards banquet that it was an honor to be recognized for the award by independent experts. He went on to say that the training teams worked hard to improve the experience of customers calling in. The customers that they work with are the friends and family of inmates that are incarcerated in correctional facilities across the United State and Canada. Danny De Hoyos said that an emphasis of the training was on the customer service representative showing empathy for their customers helping them through a stressful time.

Among the judges comments was one saying that Securus Technologies provides good service for this who need it. Another commented that the company had a strong improvement in dealing with tough situations.


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