Things Every Educator Should Know, Thanks to Rocketship Education

Preston Smith is the co-founder and chief executive officer of Rocketship Education, a system of not-for-profit public charter schools across the United States of America that are situated in low-income areas. Unfortunately, many children don’t have access to top-notch educations in neighborhoods, cities, and counties that are economically disadvantages. Fortunately for these young, K-5 students and their families, Rocketship Education has brought some of the highest test scores in their respective regions, despite its attendees’ families having low levels of disposable income.

After working with students from low-income backgrounds for more than fifteen years in San Jose, combined with his experience at Rocketship Education’s ten years of operation, Preston Smith has learned lots of things about educational administration and application that many others don’t learn in lifetimes of working in pedagogical practice. Let’s learn about several of the key tidbits of information Preston Smith has released to the entire world for bettering their teaching skills.

Parents play a vital role in students’ educational endeavors in elementary public schools. Many parents don’t fight for good enough education, uncaringly sending their children to schools that aren’t good enough. Parents should send their children to other, better schools if current facilities aren’t getting the job done. This also applies to the families that send their kids to Rocketship Education’s eighteen locations. Although the school has a respectively high 91% retainment percentage, this helps keeps their students exposed to quality learning environments.

Parents, students, teachers, and everybody else involved with public schools, just like Rocketship Education, should be outwardly proud of their organizations. Public schools are often outperformed by their private counterparts, one reason being the generally better attitude private school associates have about their facilities. When people are proud of things, they’re more likely to perform better.

Allt teachers hired by Rocketship Education are interviewed by parents. Even though many administrators put children of their own through schools, unbiased parents not involve din administration are likely to pick up on many things that school employees aren’t. Parents are teamed up in panels of three to six members with one administrator’s help, collectively selecting the best teachers.


Whitney Wolfe and Michael Herd Tie the Knot in Glamorous Amalfi Coast Wedding

Bumble CEO and founder, Whitney Wolfe, got married to Michael Herd in Italy on September 2nd 2017. Whitney and Michael Herd met on February 14th 2014 in Aspen. They got engaged in July 2016.The wedding took place at the Villa Treville, which is in a village on the Amalfi Coast. Pictures of the glamorous event flooded various social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram, with the hashtag #homeiswheretheherdis trending for days. Whitney rocked a beautiful gown designed by Oscar De La Renta. She later changed into a breathtaking silky dress for the reception. Everything about the wedding was absolutely stunning, from the décor to the well done single-tier cake.

About Bumble

Whitney Wolfe founded Bumble in 2014 to enable women to be in control in the dating scene. On the dating app, women are the ones who make the first move, and this is what makes it stand out from other dating apps. Because of this, it is known as a feminist dating app. The headquarters of Bumble are in Austin, Texas. It has been a success so far and continues to grow in leaps and bounds. One thing that has made it such a popular dating app is the fact that it tries to get as much informationas possible about its users in order to match them with people who are compatible with them. It caters for heterosexual people as well as homosexual people.

In 2016, Bumble launched BumbleBizz, a career networking platform. They also launched Bumble BFF, which enables users to find friends on the app. This was due to popular demand for the services. Bumble continues to stand out from other dating sites due to its commitment to meeting its users’ needs. It is flexible and tries to accommodate the unique needs of all its users, beyond just their dating needs. Whitney has received several awards for her achievements including a 2014 Business Insider award and a 2016 Elle award. She was also on the 2017 Forbes list for top 30 under 30.


Whitney Wolfe truly deserved the fairytale wedding she had. Her commitment to ensuring that people find partners they are compatible with has seen many people find their soul mates through Bumble. Michael Herd is lucky to be married to a woman with so much passion for what she does. Clearly, they will not need Bumble or any other dating app for that matter anymore.

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End Citizens United- Fighting For True Democracy

We all know about the current political scenario in the United States and how it is currently transforming. People of the United States want to stand up and fight for their rights and want to have a proper system of governance. People from all across the country are moving forward. They are protesting against the unjust system that is prevalent in the country. They want their country to be run by those people who truly care about the communities in America and can work for their betterment. Despite all their efforts, nothing productive can be seen as the law was passed by the Supreme Court a few years ago. Citizens United bill was passed that gave the authority to successful and huge companies to speak up and participate in a political system of United States. This bill granted the permission to companies to have the same privilege that people of America have along with equal rights.

After the bill was passed, it was seen that the big businesses now have a huge power, especially regarding politics. As a consequence, the big businesses who were already taking part in politics and investing a lot of their finances in political parties started having a lot of contribution as well as power in the political parties. They also started making promises about the betterment of American society just like the political parties according to It would give the impression that the political parties are now under the control of these businesses and whatever these businesses demand, political parties will do exactly as they say. They also started passing bills and laws that were in favor of these companies and will help in their growth and success. The political parties started focusing on the benefits and perks that they can give to these companies. The citizens of United States felt that their rights were ignored and their voices are not heard. They also felt that the political parties have gone astray and now they don’t care about the actual democracy which is the core of politics.

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To end all the oppression against the people of United States by the political parties, End Citizens United movement started. It was run by grassroots entrepreneurs who believed that the power of governance belongs to the people of United States. They wanted to keep the true essence of democracy alive in the country. The organization is of the view that only those people who are well educated and qualified should be given jobs so that the country can prosper. In the light of Donald Trump’s presidency, a lot of people who are neither qualified nor eligible for higher posts have been appointed which is strictly against the rules and regulations. Reappointment of individual members is necessary to ensure that right people are in the right positions.

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Avaaz is a global civic organization based in the United States. It was founded in 2007 with the aim of advocating for human and animal rights; and promoting global activism on poverty, corruption, violence, among other global issues.

Avaaz is the Persian word for “voice.”It also means so in several other European, Middle Eastern and Asian languages. Avaaz community not only yearns to bring together citizens of various nations worldwide in one voice but also unites them towards transforming the world we are living in, to the world that everyone wants. It has made a significant achievement on this and has been considered by the Guardian as the largest and most robust online activist network internationally.

To achieve the community’s goal, Avaaz provides a platform for campaigning on pressing global issues. And considering that people have different ideologies and this being a reason for the fragmentation of various organizations, Avaaz allows members to participate in campaigns of their choice. This way, they will be able to advocate for what they are comfortable and at ease with, and not conflict with one another.

Avaaz community does not accept donations from governments or corporate organizations because the community likes to remain independent. This way, they will not be inclined to follow a particular party’s ideologies because they provided funds. However, the organization accepts donations from its members. It also has a standing administration that has ensured its development and advancement over the years.

Technology has significantly boosted the growth of Avaaz since the Internet is a swift and sure way of bringing people together towards a primary goal. The community can organize campaigns fast, and act on pressing issues within a short time because technological advances have brought changes to how things are done. The community campaigns in fifteen languages and has thousands of volunteers.


Paul Mampilly Promotes Investing For The Common Man

Paul Mampilly has made his mark on the Wall Street. Now he has become a research and investment analyst. Rather than focusing on billion dollar dealings, he is not trying to help the common man to make money.

Paul Mampilly started his career at Bankers Trust. He was an assistant portfolio manager there. He gradually moved up and became an investor for several multinational companies. His efforts helped Kinetics Asset Management to become one of the best hedge funds. He eventually decided to do away with the stress related to Wall Street. He put all his efforts in helping the common individuals so that they can get the most from their hard-earned money. This is achieved by making sound investments.

He feels that Wall Street is exciting enough, but it cannot help everyone. This is because it gears itself mainly towards the elite. He has a newsletter called “Profits Unlimited,” which aims to help the Americans in investing their money. It provides them with helpful tips. Through this newsletter, the investment world is being introduced to individuals in a way so that they know how and where to put their money and enjoy high returns.

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He says that Wall Street has a lot of pressure. This is why he wanted to be out of the direct spotlight as that makes reduces the stress. However, he still likes to provide solid investment advice.

He is also concerned about the fact that middlemen are charging a lot of fees. This is a huge cut from any person’s success. It is only hedge funds that can be considered to be driven by the performance of investments.

Paul Mampilly states that insiders on Wall Street will always have more access to information. Due to this reason, he started his business. He wants that everyone should get knowledge so that they are able to succeed in the market.

While making recommendations, Paul Mampilly tries to look at both the aspects of any business. It is important to get all the viewpoints from different individuals in order to make a sound decision and invest properly.

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Jason Hope is a health care Technology Investor, a Philanthropist, and an Arizona entrepreneur. He studied at the Arizona State University and graduated with a degree in Finance and later an MBA. He got into the technology business because of the inspiration from Mobile Communication Technology which had great benefit and its ability to reach many people. As a technology guru, he has earned an excellent reputation. He has been labeled a futurist because of his ability to study the industry and come up with a prediction on how the future technology is headed.

He believes that the Internet of Things may be necessary for the future because of the growing number of connected devices and companies are banking on this to fuel their growth. It is predicted that some of the products might be around the corner in the future: smart buildings, sensors that will determine good soil for agriculture and sanitation technology.

Jason as a Philanthropist

Jason Hope has been involved in several philanthropic works. Recently, he pledged to donate half a million dollar to SENS Foundation. The donation will support the Foundation’s Research of Rejuvenation Biotechnologies with its primary goal of fighting age related diseases. In his speech, Hope stated that he had had an interest in Dr. Aubrey de Greys and the SENS Foundation’s work for some time. Hope believes that their work is important to the advancement in human medicine and the overall aging and the diseases it is associated with. He added that the drive would redefine, reshape the pharmaceutical, biotech, and healthcare industry.

Hope’s thoughts on the internet of things

We live in a technologically focused society. He together with other entrepreneurs in the tech industry is optimistic about the future of Internet of Things, but they are scared of many uncertainties such as rogue hackers. The Internet of things is the network of all devices that gives it the ability to connect to the web. Today there are seemingly never ending devices that are linked to the internet, the Internet of Things consists of smartphones, vehicles, computers, entertainment hardware and security systems. Due to this connection, the online community is becoming difficult to guard it against viruses, hackers, cyber security risk, and Malware.

The reason why the Internet of things is becoming so important is that it connects everyone and assists us to receive information and feedback in time.The cost of services have dropped because of the Internet of Things; you no longer need to make queues to pay a bill by a click of some button you are sorted.This is what Hope and other tech pundits are emphasizing when they say the future will be based on the Internet of Things.Nowadays, you can switch off things remotely, and thermostat allows you to adjust electrical appliances saving on energy.

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Marc Sparks Offers Seed Funding For Entrepreneurs

In most cases, an entrepreneur is going to need a lot of help when it comes to getting his business off the ground. The only thing is that it can be very hard to get the help that is needed for entrepreneurs that are just starting out. For one thing, there are a lot of criteria that entrepreneurs must meet before they get the needed assistance especially when it comes to finances. Fortunately, there are some forms of assistance that are a little easier to get than others. One example is seed funding provided by serial entrepreneur Marc Sparks.

Marc Sparks himself has a lot of experience as an entrepreneur. He has had a lot of successes and failures. Therefore, he is very sympathetic and willing to help entrepreneurs with their projects. Among the things he is willing to help entrepreneurs with is their business plans. Venture capitalists and investors are especially very cautious about the aspiring entrepreneurs they put their money towards. They have to make sure that many different aspects of the business plan is thought through. Among the things that entrepreneurs have to think about is an escape plan. Fortunately, Marc Sparks does more than just lend money.

Marc Sparks is also willing to educate people on what it takes to run a successful business. Marc has a ton of wisdom that comes from his experience with starting different businesses. He has seen a lot of failed businesses as well as successful businesses. Therefore, he can tell entrepreneurs where they can go and where they should not go. His book, “They Can’t Eat You” provides many entrepreneurs with the insights they need so that they can avoid some of the pitfalls that can occur in the journey of an entrepreneur. One thing that is needed to be successful is diligence and knowledge.  Learn more:

Securus: Cutting Edge Technology For Criminal Justice Solutions

At Securus Technologies, communication is everything. We provide some of the most innovative communication services for inmate use. Since its birth back in 1986, the company has grown dramatically. As of today, we have a team of over 1,000 individuals across the nation. Whether it’s for video services, live chat, customer care or voicemail, Securus has been a viable component for the Department of Corrections.


Though we’re known for providing high quality communication services for inmates, the company has stepped its game up when dealing with crime. To serve and connect is our motto. Public Safety Solutions is the name of the game and we are working with over 3,000 law enforcement, public safety and corrections agencies. This action literally covers up to 1.2 million individuals that are incarcerated in the U.S. Our solutions do a great job of crime prevention. This includes the process of storing, consolidating, collecting and visualizing. It would be extremely hard for you to find another similar company with this much clout and efficiency.


Thanks to our top notch services, we’ve received numerous emails and letters from other law enforcement agencies. These letters/emails have praised us on a job well done. The advanced monitoring solutions have done a great job when it comes to tracking and supervising of individuals. Even when it’s applied to phone services, law enforcement has been able to solve many crimes from withing the prison complex system. Contraband coming in and out through these complexes is a serious issues, but our cutting edge technology has applied an extraordinary preemptive approach.


Securus Technologies is the leader of the pack when it comes to these types of solutions. Every year the company reinvests over $19 million right back into the business.


The Successful Career of Daniel Mark Harrison and His Thoughts on New Investment Ideas

Daniel Mark Harrison is an entrepreneur, author, journalist and a successful innovator. These are just some of the talents of Daniel Mark Harrison who is most commonly known for his family business Harrison & Sons established in 1997. Being so talented is not a small feat, and for him, it is his education background that allowed him to be what he is today. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Theology from the University of Oxford in 2005. He then earned an MBA degree, but that wasn’t enough for him. He went on to earn a Master’s degree in Journalism along with a certificate in Business and Economics from Carter Institute of Journalism and Stern School of Business.

Daniel Mark Harrison has written exclusive articles for prominent news publications. He was recently appointed as the Editor-in Chief of CoinSpeaker that boasts of about 450,000 readers per month. He also runs his own publishing firm, Marx Rand that is famous for its coverage of the activities of the FBI officers dealing with slave labor. He gets information for his articles from a credible source and has one of the top names as a columnist. Daniel Mark Harrison is the CEO and Chairman of his investment firm Daniel Mark Harrison & Co with offices in the leading Asian cities like Singapore, Hong Kong, and Bangkok. Apart from running his investment company, he is also the Managing Partner at Monkey Capital. The company recently reached a significant feat for becoming the first company to sell options successfully. For Daniel Mark Harrison, it is all about building a close relationship with his clients. He ensures that each of his clients is satisfied with his service and the results that he works so hard for.
Daniel Mark Harrison has been managing the assets of his family for a long time now and loves to share his experience with others through his published articles. With such diverse talent, it is not difficult for him to earn money, but he wants to make proper use of his talents and also share his struggle to encourage entrepreneurs to follow their dreams and become successful.

Waiakea to be Honored for its Inclusion in Inc. Magazine’s exclusive List

Many companies are proud when they efforts are recognized. Recently, Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water was included in Inc. Magazine’s list of the fastest growing companies in America. Waiakea whose core business is provision of naturally healthy Hawaiian water to its clients was ranked 414 out of 5000 American enterprises that were surveyed. Inc. Magazine’s list consisting of the top 500 companies is considered exclusive to top brands such as Microsoft, but Waiakea made it to the list. The businesses that made it to the list will be honored on 10 October 2017 in California in a fete organized by Inc. Magazine.

Ryan Emmons, the company founder and CEO, was excited by their position in Inc. Magazine’s list. Emmons stated that Waiakea had always wanted to be included in the list since he founded the company in 2012. He further said that the company had accomplished a lot since it was established including a 1059% growth witnessed in a period of three years. Emmons is ready to face the future and make his brand a formidable one.
Waiakea prides itself in providing a superior product. The company sources its raw materials, water, from the snowmelt and rains inherent in the Mauna Loa volcano peak. The obtained water is passed through porous lava. The distinctive, delicious, and alkaline taste associated with Waiakea’s bottled water is attributed to its sophisticated filtration technology. The company incorporates a holistic approach to business that considers health, sustainability, and ethical attributes and initiatives.
Waiakea has received several awards in honor of its comprehensive business model. The business model caters to the environment and members of the society. The company has initiated regional reforestation projects aimed at conserving the environment. Waiakea is looking forward to using fully biodegradable bottling materials soon. Waiakea is also concerned with emissions occurring as a result of its operations, and the company is working with renowned emission control experts such Ecometrica to minimize its emissions.
Waiakea, in partnership with Pump Aid, is involved in solving water crisis associated with some parts of the world such as some countries in Africa. As at present, over 1.35 million people in some areas of Africa have access to clean water and basic sanitation courtesy of Waiakea.