Things Every Educator Should Know, Thanks to Rocketship Education

Preston Smith is the co-founder and chief executive officer of Rocketship Education, a system of not-for-profit public charter schools across the United States of America that are situated in low-income areas. Unfortunately, many children don’t have access to top-notch educations in neighborhoods, cities, and counties that are economically disadvantages. Fortunately for these young, K-5 students and their families, Rocketship Education has brought some of the highest test scores in their respective regions, despite its attendees’ families having low levels of disposable income.

After working with students from low-income backgrounds for more than fifteen years in San Jose, combined with his experience at Rocketship Education’s ten years of operation, Preston Smith has learned lots of things about educational administration and application that many others don’t learn in lifetimes of working in pedagogical practice. Let’s learn about several of the key tidbits of information Preston Smith has released to the entire world for bettering their teaching skills.

Parents play a vital role in students’ educational endeavors in elementary public schools. Many parents don’t fight for good enough education, uncaringly sending their children to schools that aren’t good enough. Parents should send their children to other, better schools if current facilities aren’t getting the job done. This also applies to the families that send their kids to Rocketship Education’s eighteen locations. Although the school has a respectively high 91% retainment percentage, this helps keeps their students exposed to quality learning environments.

Parents, students, teachers, and everybody else involved with public schools, just like Rocketship Education, should be outwardly proud of their organizations. Public schools are often outperformed by their private counterparts, one reason being the generally better attitude private school associates have about their facilities. When people are proud of things, they’re more likely to perform better.

Allt teachers hired by Rocketship Education are interviewed by parents. Even though many administrators put children of their own through schools, unbiased parents not involve din administration are likely to pick up on many things that school employees aren’t. Parents are teamed up in panels of three to six members with one administrator’s help, collectively selecting the best teachers.


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