Dogs Owning Owners!

The Beneful Dog food Commercials are absolutely hilarious!

The first commercial I saw was a beautiful hound dog explaining about the Break-In-Bites Beneful snacks of goodness, what they were made from, and what he had to do to get it, allow his human’s child to relax on his belly! Classic dog logic!

The next commercial I saw was a little, white lap dog explaining how he likes the chicken in the Beneful Dog Super-foods type dog food but his owner really likes that there is pumpkin and blue berry essence in the food instead of grains! This is informative and funny!

The last commercial was the Beneful Dinner for 2 commercial! The Collie explains how he and his human have been together since 2012 and dinner is their favorite time together and how he eats great food with real meat where she eats a cracker and cheese, regularly! Then it ends with him ‘rolling his eyes’ and saying “some people will put ANYTHING in their bodies!”

These commercials are all hilarious and informative for dogs and their loving owners!

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