Lime Crime Develops Unique Marketing Strategy For China

Lime Crime recently entered the China market using a unique approach. Kim Wall the global general manager discussed their strategy at the National Retail Federation held in Los Angles.

She said she realized that when Lime Crime entered China she would not be able to market their products the traditional way. One problem they had was that there was a mandate in China that products sold had to be tested on animals. Lime Crime could avoid this rule only if they shipped their products directly from the United States to China.

Lime Crime does not test their products on animals. When they looked into shipping directly they found it came with its set of problems. Lime Crime would have to deal with transportation, duties and taxes, handling customers questions and returns in a foreign language.

The company found out that some of their product were sold counterfeit through the Chinese market last year. They decided to partner with Resolve for marketing to China. It is an e-commerce fashion site that is expanding into the beauty market. This company dealt with a similar situation.

Lime Crime encouraged potential customers that visited their site to visit the Resolve e-commerce site. We wanted the customers to know that this was the only site that offered legitimate Lime Crime products in their country.

They used social media to influence customers and restricted online access to the e-commerce site to promote word of mouth advertising at times. Their unique new strategy worked well in China.

Recently Lime Crime came out with a new product called Plushies that enhances natural lip color. They come in twelve matte shades for customers. The colors are named after a tasty food. The colors are Milk Tea, Turkish Delight, Blackberry, Lavender Honey, Jam, Rosebud, Cola, Butterscotch, Marmalade, Gum Drop, Smokey, and Grape Jelly.

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