Glen Wakeman: The Mentor of Entrepreneurs Who Helps Business Succeed

If you see a crime, you should call the police. If you see a fire or a man having a heart attack, you call the fire department. If you are an entrepreneur who thinks that he or she needs help to get their company off the ground, you should probably get in touch with Glen Wakeman

You would be impressed enough by his resume to get his help. On his resume, you would see that he has been an inventor, investor, mentor and international business executive. He has been in business and finance for the last 20 years. He worked in the financial aspect of GE Capital. He knows various cultures by living overseas for several years. His resume should show that he is the right person to get from as an entrepreneur.

Where would you find Wakeman to get his help? One of the companies that you would find him at is LaunchPad Holdings where he has been a CEO since 2015. At his company, he mentors young, eager entrepreneurs to see that they can reach their full potential and to ensure that their companies become successful. He also works with them on their business plans and strategies to makes sure that they can deal with parts of the business year,. He is a full-service mentor when it comes to entrepreneurs.

Glen Wakeman does enjoy being a mentor to budding, new entrepreneurs. He likes the challenge and the joy that he gets from teaching what he learned from being overseas and the stressful jobs that he used to hold. He knows how important a mentor can play in the life of a new business.. He knows that he has connections and resources that can help anybody be successful in business. An entrepreneur should find it enjoyable to work with Wakeman.

There is another way that you connect with Wakeman and that is through his blog. He is a frequent blogger. He even has what he calls what he calls 21-Day Business Blog Posts. These particular blogs should give any business person insight in how they can do their business better.

With his experience and enthusiasm, Wakeman should be the right mentor for any entrepreneur.


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