US Money Reserve Brings A Rare Car Plus Gold Information To Scottsdale In 2018

PR NewsWire believes that US Money Reserve has sold gold and silver coins to millions of people around the world over the 18 years they’ve been in business, and they’ve established a reputation as one of the most trusted precious metals dealer. But they also get involved in dealing other collectibles including rare vehicles like the ones at the Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction in Scottsdale, Arizona.

They were pleased to bring a McLaren P1 GTR to the 47th annual auction which is very rare with only 45 ever having been manufactured. While taking visitors to the vehicle and showing its powerful engine and high speed capabilities, they also showed them how their company’s gold and silver is also a good choice to protect their finances.

How does buying gold or silver help you? Gold and silver bullion is not just for collectors; anyone can buy bullion ranging from low-priced editions to high-grade foreign gold coins, and all of them can gain value when regular stock prices are crashing.

There are always threats to regular bank accounts and other electronic-based investment funds, some of which US Money Reserve has written about in their e-book “The 2017 War Of Nerves: Global Risk And Your Money.”

The US national debt has been growing and at some point the volatility could lead to hyperinflation which could hurt your money, and cyber criminals and terrorists are always lurking and waiting to hit your bank accounts.

Having gold or silver that’s physically in your possession can protect you from these threats, and precious metal coins minted in North America are recognized as legal tender.

US Money Reserve is run by people who are highly experienced in coin minting and numismatics including company President Philip N. Diehl who served as US Mint Director from 1993 to 2001. Diehl took over a troubled agency that was losing some of its most important coins, and he helped bring them back in a short time.

He also lobbied to get the first ever Liberty Platinum Eagle Coin minted, and by the time his tenure at the Mint was over it was operating with $2.7 billion in profit. He returned to Austin, TX to join US Money Reserve in 2001 because he liked the company’s goals to bring credibility to the gold and silver industry and do so with integrity and transparency.

US Reserve has not only put out information but has also improved their website over the years so that mobile users can shop on it.

There’s an information kit on the website which shows how to get started buying gold coins, and how you can transfer funds from an IRA account into them. US Money Reserve is also involved in Texas communities and helped raise funds for hurricane Harvey relief.

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