Emulating Glen Wakeman’s Passion and Drive To Succeed in The Business World

Glen Wakeman is an expert in leadership development, strategy, business transformation and growth and capital markets. He is one of the biggest and well-established names in the business. The man has an impeccable record when it comes to transforming businesses and coming up with commendable results. In his career, for example, he has lead mega businesses with over $15 billion in assets and over 17000 employees.

So good is Glen in coming up with business solutions and implementing them appropriately that his services are asked fro all over the globe. In fact, he has lived and worked in over 5 countries. Currently, Glen Wakeman is the Chief executive Officer and Co-founder of Launchpad. Glen Wakeman was also the President and Founder of Nova Four. Nova Four was a company that provided access to capital and strategic advice to developing companies.

Launchpad Holdings, LLC is a firm that provides early-stage entrepreneurs with online executive planning services for their businesses. The technology used by Launchpad to provide such services to the entrepreneurs is fully automated and its user base in national in scope.

Launchpad Toolkit is basically filled with a deep and broad library of tips that simply provide young and aspiring entrepreneurs with a step to step guidance before actually starting firms. Furthermore, this toolkit is supported by a wide ecosystem of advisors and capital providers. All of this goes a long way in boosting the performance of their enterprises and increasing their success rate.


Educational Background of Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman attended the University of Scranton and earned his Bachelor of Science in Economics and Finance. He then went on to join the University of Chicago where he earned his MBA. Furthermore, Glen Wakeman is a man who is Six Sigma Belt Certified.

Glen worked with GE Capital for over 20 years before leaving the firm. There he played an active role in building and progressively improving the company. Glen Wakeman traveled from country to country signing partnerships, creating and establishing multiple networks and even coming up with new products for the firm.

It is no doubt that Glen Wakeman is passionate about starting businesses, growth, innovation and executive development. Due to this, he has become an expert in a number of business fields. The startup, new market entry, and exponential growth, mergers and acquisition are some few examples. Glen is also a recipient of local, national and international awards for the great work he does in the business world


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