McGalla’s Move From Growing American Eagle To Now Managing The Pro Shop Of The Pittsburgh Steelers

Susan McGalla is a woman who knows a lot about creating the identity of various brands and turning that identity into a memorable shopping experience. She did this for many years at American Eagle Outfitters and now she’s helping put a smile on the faces of fans who come to visit the Pittsburgh Steeler’s pro shop. She said in one recent article that she wants the fans’ visits to the pro shop to be such that they enter into the building amazed by not only the gear available, but also by the surrounding atmosphere. Displays have been erected that are endorsed by current and former Steeler’s players and even by Coach Mike Tomlin. And the Pittsburgh Steeler pro shop website also was redesigned not long ago to give the fans with mobile devices better access.

Susan McGalla is originally from East Liverpool, OH and began her career in retail at the Joseph Horne Company. She then served 16 years at American Eagle with the first few years being their Pittsburgh area merchandising officer and then in the mid-2000s she became an executive chief merchandising officer. McGalla was also later made president of the company and became one of the first female executives to hold that position on an internationally-renowned company. Some of her greatest accomplishments while at that company were promoting a casual brand that had mostly been favorable to men and making it popular among many young females, and she even had several offshoots of American Eagle rolled out from under her.

McGalla had aspirations of her own she wanted to pursue outside of American Eagle, so she left in 2009 and joined HFF Inc. for a few years and also was a member of the Allegheny Conference on Community Development. She became Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the pro shop and and fan merchandise department of the Pittsburgh Steelers around 2013, and she also runs a private consulting firm on the side. McGalla is also a wife and a mother and she has said while this does bring a lot of challenges with it, women can certainly be disciplined enough to manage their homes while also pursuing their careers.

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