Wes Edens Success Story

Several years ago, Wes Edens, a respected American investor decided to try something new. At first, people who knew him felt that the businessman was investing in an area that was not going to provide enough profits that would sustain his family. Wes Edens has always been ready to take on new challenges in his career life without having to worry about the outcome. The businessman had noticed the frustrations many people were experiencing after the financial problem that hit the whole world. Wes Edens knew that he had the solution to the problems many people were experiencing, and this is the primary reason he was motivated to come up with a financial advisory firm. The American market has never been a walk in the park for any investor. Wes Edens knew that the market was going to be a tough battlefield, and this is the reason he decided to get help from his friends.

Peter Briger and Randal Nardone were willing to walk this tough journey with Wes Edens. The three great investors set out and started an organization that they named Fortress Investment Group. The company primary mission has been offering financial advisory services to customers in many parts of the world. The first office from this organization was established in America. In a short period, customers from many parts of the country recognized the excellent services customers were getting, and this is why they felt that they were going to expand their organization to cover more parts of the world. Being a leader of an international finance company is not just any ordinary job.

Wes Edens works as the co-founder and co-chairman of the large global firm, and he has all the qualities needed for the positions. Wes Edens has worked with the other founders of the company to make the lives of many customers better. The company has successfully opened branches and offices in various parts of the world because of the commitment that has always been shown by the businessman. Wes Edens has been recognized as one of the wealthiest personalities living in the world at the moment. In the course of his career life, the businessman has challenged other investors in the world, and he has also shown them the importance of hard work and honest in the finance department. His hard work has motivated many Americans to focus on changing their financial situations regardless of what is happening in the market.

How Equities First Holdings Australia Uses Trust Create Business Growth

Through expansion in 2014, Equities First Holdings entered a new market in Australia. The new office in Australia would be called Equities First Holdings Australia Pty. Ltd. (EFH AU). EFH AU has performed very well, and it created business growth that allowed them to open offices in Sydney, Perth, and Melbourne. Many people frequent these offices, because they want to take advantage of EFH AU’s product, an equity-loan. An equity-loan allows a loan’s principal to be use for any purpose, and it allows stocks to be used as collateral. Stocks will only be considered as collateral if it meets the valuation standards of EFH AU.

Equity-loans used by EFH AU helped the global corporation of EFH to become a global leader in security-based lending industry. An equity-loan normally has a better approval rate than traditional loans. EFH AU has many clients who have been rejected for bank loans, and they would attempt to get equity-loans. EFH AU will attempt to provide clients good loan terms. The business practices of EFH AU because they have shown to have integrity and works well to get good results for the clients. EFH AU will continue to grow as long as people believe in them.

Hussain Sajwani Explores The Luxury Real Estate Markets Of The World

At the 2018 DAVOS summit, Hussain Sajwani set out his own view of how the luxury real estate markets of the world will look for his own DAMAC Properties group. The Dubai-based luxury real estate developer began his career with a single apartment block built in what was then an unfashionable part of the United Arab Emirates only recently opened up to foreign investment for real estate. From those humble beginnings, Hussain Sajwani is now estimated to be worth an impressive $4.2 billion and has overseen developments being constructed in London, Qatar, and Jordan.

Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC owner, began his career as a luxury real estate developer in 2001 after he had already made a success of his first business venture providing catering services to industrial sites across the Middle East and military groups. Sajwani remains most proud of his work providing catering for the U.S. military during the Gulf Wars which saw him make his first impression on the U.S. political landscape.

Since his first work with the U.S. military, Hussain Sajwani has become one of the leading figures in the U.S. luxury real estate markets because of a positive business partnership struck up with sitting U.S. President Donald Trump. The two real estate moguls began their work together before Trump reached The White House and have now completed two golf course projects on the outskirts of Dubai. For Hussain Sajwani, there have been few negative aspects to his partnership with the Trump Organization which still maintains a large level of prestige in the Middle East.

Over the course of the last few years, Hussain Sajwani has noted the growing number of luxury real estate developments across Dubai and has been looking for new markets to invest in including the U.K. capital of London. To show the innovative nature of the career of Hussain Sajwani, DAMAC Properties have recently broken ground on the London project, AYKON One Tower which overlooks the River Thames with an interior designed by the Versace Home brand.

Multimillionaire Sajwani and his company DAMAC: http://www.hoteliermiddleeast.com/23813-the-rise-and-rise-of-damac/

Jason Hope: Donating Towards the Importance of Anti-Aging

“Scottsdale Philanthropist Jason Hope Helps Pioneering Nonprofit Fight Aging” by Amanda Peters is a detailed article available on releasefacts.com. Individuals that are interested in the field of antiaging will find this to be a very stimulating article to read. In addition to covering the generous donation contributed by Jason Hope to this area of research, the article does a great job of discussing some of the work that the SENS Research Foundation has dedicated itself to in recent years. The thing is, antiaging research has slowed down as increasingly more individuals become comfortable with the concept of aging. Hope and SENS founder Aubrey de Grey do not believe that this is the best option for humanity when the chance at a longer life is within reach.

While many companies have gone bigger with their research, the SENS Research Foundation has decided to look at the problem of aging on a much smaller level. To be exact, they are looking at individual cells within the human body. Researchers within the foundation believe that more traction can be made by looking at how cells degrade over time individually. If humans had a way of replacing these aged cells or repairing them, they would not suffer from most of the ailments that they tend to gain in older age. This would allow humans to not only live longer but remain in the healthiest part of their lives for many years. Individuals at the SENS research foundation believe that with successful scientific research the average lifespan of a given individual can be increased to over 1000 years. This is a significant jump from about 80 years or so.

So, why does this particular field of research interest entrepreneur Jason Hope so much? Hope is a major player in the technology industry, he founded his own mobile communications company at a very young age, and the human body is another piece of technology that he has shown an interest in. In fact, in recent years Hope has taken more of an interest in the biotechnology field, investing in many different types of companies throughout the genre. It seems that antiaging has become a major passion for Hope, and he has shown that commitment by donating more than $500,000 to the cause. While everyone seems to be getting away from the antiaging research groups, individuals like Hope are running towards it because they know that in the future it will become important once again.

Learn More: azcapitoltimes.com/news/tag/jason-hope/

Academy of Art University Graduates Leave an Infinite Impact on Film Industry

For Academy of Art University alum Jan Philip Cramer working on Disney’s smash hit Avengers: Infinity War was a dream come true. Cramer was recently featured for his work on the record shattering summer hit in the Huffington Post. As the animation supervisor for Infinity War, Cramer played a critical role in bringing the fantastic worlds and creatures of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to life.

Infinity War is not Cramer’s first rodeo. After attending Academy of Art University he worked on some of the biggest films in the industry from Avatar (2009) to Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017). Cramer now works as the head of animation at Digital Domains. His hard earned success won him the Academy of Art University’s Emerging Artist Alumni Award in 2011 and membership in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in 2017.

Graduating with his BFA in 2004, Academy of Art University gave Cramer more than a degree. Cramer found “a well-rounded perspective on art, not just visual effects. The experience grew me as an artist.”

Alumni like Cramer showcase the Academy of Art University’s long legacy in the entertainment industry. Founded in 1929, the largest private art design school in the US has been at the cutting edge of art and entertainment for decades. Located in downtown San Francisco, the Academy offers students more than 30 degree programs as a foundation for success in anything from performance art to video game design.

Cramer is not the only Academy alum finding high profile success. Graduates of the Academy of Art University have received top accolades in the entertainment industry. More than 50 alumni were nominated for Golden Globes and 20 nominated for Oscars in the 2017 alone.

Graduates of the Academy of Art University continues to shape the latest, highest-grossing films. For Cramer, this means returning to the Marvel Universe for the upcoming Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018) and Captain Marvel (2019). In Cramer and fellow graduates, the Academy’s impact will live on for years to come.

O2Pur: Reliable E-cigarettes and Vapes Company

E-cigarettes and vapes have been introduced in the market back in the year 2003, but they never experienced tremendous growth until recently. More and more people, especially the younger ones, are drawn into using e-cigarettes and vapes, partly because of the influence of social media. It is even reported that in 2014 alone, the revenue made by the industry exceeded $7 billion. The tobacco companies have seen the e-cigarettes and vapes industry as a threat, so they joined the bandwagon and created their version of these devices.

More than 400 brands of e-cigarettes and vapes exist in the present, and these are being sold in specialty shops, convenience stores, and the internet. Many people are developing the curiosity as to how these devices work, prompting them to purchase e-cigarettes and vapes to try it out. The majority of e-cigarettes and vapes are being manufactured in China, but other countries are also creating their own smoking devices too, competing with each other in the international market.

One of the most popular brands of e-cigarettes and vapes is O2Pur, which gained popularity because of the free startup kit that the company offers when someone buys from them. According to the company, smokers and vapers would be able to save a lot of money if they will choose to purchase their devices in stores which have direct access to their suppliers. Also, compared to the rising prices of tobacco, smokers and vapers would save a lot in buying their first device because it can be used over and over. It is also more convenient to bring an e-cigarette or vape compared to smoking tobacco because the former would no longer require lighters to light up the device.


The users of e-cigarettes and vapes also praise O2Pur because of the high-quality products that they offer their customers and clients. According to O2PUr, as the value of tobacco goes up, people would prefer the cheaper alternative. For O2Pur, this is an excellent opportunity to the people, giving them free samples to convince them that the product is better. For those who are interested in purchasing e-cigarettes and vapes, they could visit the company’s website and search for the order option on the screen. They could also send a direct message to the email address published on the page.

The industry of e-cigarettes and vapes is expected to grow further, as people are becoming more aware of how exciting it can be smoking from a high-end device. China would still produce millions of e-cigarettes and vapes, competing with the tobacco companies who have been threatened with the industry’s quick growth. Enthusiasts of e-cigarettes and vapes, on the other hand, will continue writing up reviews online to help their fellow smokers and vapers.

Tips for Young Investors From Investment Expert Chris Linkas

Talking to young people about investing early is one of Chris Linkas passions. With over 15 years of investing experience, Chris understands the importance of planning for retirement early in life. The younger a person is when they invest, the potential for greater returns. Here are some investing tips from Chris geared toward millennials and the youth of America (Blogwebpedia).


Time Equals Risk

Chris says that the more time you have to invest, the more risks you can take. Since the biggest returns typically come from the most volatile investments, time can give you a better chance to endure some losses if you are taking more risk. If you choose to invest later in life, you may have to invest more cautiously.


The Power of Compound Interest

Compound interest is a powerful investment tool, and the younger you can take advantage of it the better. The power of compound interest is earning interest on interest, and Chris tries to explain to younger investors that constantly reinvesting that additional money earned from compound interest can lead to exponential returns.


Refining Spending Habits

As a younger investor, you will learn over time how to refine your spending habits. Chris notes that the power of time will teach you how to stick to a budget and learn the difference between essential and nonessential expenses. If you have lived a life of buying stuff on a whim, it will take much more work as an older investor to learn how to refine your spending habits.

Chris always encourages investors both young and old to continue learning as much as you can about investing. Another one of Chris’s mantras is to work hard as an investor because it is a time-consuming process. Chris recommends that you learn as much as you can about fees such as broker’s fees and commissions since these costs can eat up your profits over time.


Larkin & Lacey: Fighting With Others For Human Rights

We are living in a world today where the protection of civil rights is very crucial. It’s in the news everyday showing the injustice treatment of human beings, mainly minorities. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: http://www.bizjournals.com/phoenix/potmsearch/detail/submission/6427818/Michael_Lacey and http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/jim-larkin/

That said, it’s good to know there are a few organizations that stand strong to ensure the law is upheld and doesn’t let the injustice continue. There are many advocates organized to take on these issues and have been fairly successful. One is called the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law.

It operates as a nonprofit and nonpartisan group that came together in 1963. Its formation was an actual request my president John F. Kennedy at the time. It’s goal is to be a strong advocate at eliminating racial discrimination and fighting for civil rights. The committee’s main concern was to ensure that minority groups receive equal opportunities.

In its mission was to start a series of campaigns against situations that brought about racial discrimination and economic unfairness. This organization specifically represented African Americans in the face of injustice acts.

The Advocates for Human Rights organization stretches all the way across the globe. You can find their tireless work being implemented regionally, locally, and even globally.

They are highly supported by volunteers and partners all thriving to uphold the standards of basic human rights. They strive to make sure the law is reinforced so victims of injustice are properly represented. Their efforts have gone on for nearly 30 years and have helped immigrants, women, and children.

The ACLU Immigrants Rights Project is a die-hard organization fighting for human and civil rights for immigrants. They use outreach, litigation programs, and advocacy to bring awareness to this issue.

They receive support from District and Supreme courts that help with the litigation programs. It’s all about making sure that immigrants are getting the equal treatment under injustice acts as stated under law.

Another group that was formed to advocate for civil human and immigration rights is called the Lacey and Larkin Frontera fund. It all started owners of the Phoenix New Times, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, were arrested by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and won a $3.75 settlement after their release.

They had written a story about the horrendous treatment Sheriff Joe Arpaio had inflicted upon the minorities in Arizona, mainly immigrants and Latinos. Larkin and Lacey took their settlement money to create the Frontera fund.

Their story about Maricopa county sheriff Joe Arpaio captured the world’s attention. Both men became a household name for their fight against injustice. Lacey and Larkin have spent their entire careers upholding there fight on the First Amendment.

After their public arrest, that took place in the middle of the night, they sued the county and won eventually in the United States Court of Appeals with the Ninth Circuit.

This brought about the idea to create The Lacey and Larkin Frontera fund dedicated to advocating for civil, human and immigrant rights. It also involved fighting for civic participation and freedom of speech within the Arizona area.

Read more: Michael Lacey | LinkedIn and Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

The RealReal: Making Sure Everyone Can Enjoy a Little Bit of Luxury

If you are looking for a place to successfully purchase secondhand luxury goods, then look no further than the up-and-coming fashion consignment store, The RealReal. There is an article, entitled “The RealReal-The Fashion Site That Sells Secondhand Gucci and Louis Vuitton-Wants to Raise a New $100 Million Investment”, that is been featured on Recode.com discussing the new consignment giant. While this new interest in funding is somewhat surprising, it is also expected based on the substantial growth that The RealReal has experienced since it was founded almost 7 years ago. The company has done quite well simply assisting customers with selling their unwanted luxury items, to the tune of more than hundred and $170 million.

The substantial amount of success that The RealReal has received is largely based on how much effort they put into securing, authenticating, and selling their goods. Customers are given the option of shopping in a real-time environment, and goods are added or removed quickly. At this time, there is even a brick-and-mortar location where potential clients can touch the goods to get a better feel for them. The best part about this process is that individuals are able to recoup some of the money they have spent on these luxury items. This is created a better partnership with luxury brands and The RealReal has started selling more than just Gucci or Louis Vuitton. Chanel has also become a major brand within The RealReal’s fashion circle.

The best thing about The RealReal is that it gives people a chance to own a luxury item without having to pay the luxury price. It helps connect people with the fashion industry and makes items that they may have seen on celebrities or models more attainable. While there may be some degree of wear on the products, The RealReal boasts a reputation for impeccable quality. They have set themselves apart from other secondhand retailers by ensuring that their items are properly authenticated with a well-trained staff. It seems that even though these items felt as though they were out of reach for the common person, The RealReal is doing everything in its power to ensure that everyone can enjoy a little bit of luxury.


Founder and chairperson of DAMAC Properties, Hussain Sajwani was born in the United Arab Emirates. He pursued a B.Sc in Industrial Engineering and later studied Economics from Washington University through a government scholarship.


The Emirati real estate developer kicked off his career in Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (GASCO), working in the finance department taking up the Contracts Managerial role in the year 1981.After working for two years, Hussain Sajwani decided to change path and ventured into catering services. This venture has not been in vain as it has grown to lead in the market, serving more than 150,000 meals every day in various markets and overseeing more than two hundred projects. The catering venture, presently known as Global Logistics Services , is still operational with Bechtel(construction company) and the United States Army being its clients.


After seeing an increase in population to the United Arab Emirates, mostly whose primary focus was conducting trade, Sajwani discovered a marketing opportunity. It is in the year 2002 when Hussain Sajwani developed DAMAC properties after Dubai lifted the ban on foreigners to posses properties. DAMAC properties, located in Dubai is among the leading property company in the region having conveyed more than twenty thousand two hundred and thirty units. The company has teamed up with various recognized brands like Versace Home, Just Cavalli and Trump Organization to avail new ideas to the market, working with the Americans globally in parts of Bosnia ,Gulf and also Somali.


The DAMAC owner Mr.Sajwani together with Donald Trump real estate giants, have worked together on the Trump international golf club. Hussain Sajwani connections to Donald Trump stretches out past Trump’s presidential duties to all his 3 children( Ivanka, Donald Junior and Eric).His wife often meets up with Ivanka which cements their relation ties. The DAMAC owner Mr. Hussain Sajwani is aspiring to improve his business association with Trump’s organization. Hussein a father of four, is also a philanthropist and has donated to numerous organizations and needy cases .On one occasion DAMAC owner donated 2 million to provide clothing to more than fifty thousand children.