The RealReal: Making Sure Everyone Can Enjoy a Little Bit of Luxury

If you are looking for a place to successfully purchase secondhand luxury goods, then look no further than the up-and-coming fashion consignment store, The RealReal. There is an article, entitled “The RealReal-The Fashion Site That Sells Secondhand Gucci and Louis Vuitton-Wants to Raise a New $100 Million Investment”, that is been featured on discussing the new consignment giant. While this new interest in funding is somewhat surprising, it is also expected based on the substantial growth that The RealReal has experienced since it was founded almost 7 years ago. The company has done quite well simply assisting customers with selling their unwanted luxury items, to the tune of more than hundred and $170 million.

The substantial amount of success that The RealReal has received is largely based on how much effort they put into securing, authenticating, and selling their goods. Customers are given the option of shopping in a real-time environment, and goods are added or removed quickly. At this time, there is even a brick-and-mortar location where potential clients can touch the goods to get a better feel for them. The best part about this process is that individuals are able to recoup some of the money they have spent on these luxury items. This is created a better partnership with luxury brands and The RealReal has started selling more than just Gucci or Louis Vuitton. Chanel has also become a major brand within The RealReal’s fashion circle.

The best thing about The RealReal is that it gives people a chance to own a luxury item without having to pay the luxury price. It helps connect people with the fashion industry and makes items that they may have seen on celebrities or models more attainable. While there may be some degree of wear on the products, The RealReal boasts a reputation for impeccable quality. They have set themselves apart from other secondhand retailers by ensuring that their items are properly authenticated with a well-trained staff. It seems that even though these items felt as though they were out of reach for the common person, The RealReal is doing everything in its power to ensure that everyone can enjoy a little bit of luxury.

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