Crisalix 3D Imaging with Dr. Sameer Jejurikar

As with almost any other medical field, you will find plastic surgeons who would operate you the old-fashioned way or by combining medicine with technology. Since plastic surgery is all about making you look fresh and young than yesterday, it is quite important that you go with someone who has extensive experience in the area. This is why Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a household name in the Dallas, Texas area as he brings an unmatched record of exceeding customer experience. He is a board-certified practitioner who is well-known in the community to go the extra mile to help out their patients to experience a rejuvenating experience.

Have you ever imagined how interesting it would be if you are able to get a closer look at how you would look after the plastic surgery is performed? Many practitioners would make you go through before and after photos of their patients to help you understand what you could achieve. But Dr. J has a unique approach and hence he is considered as a rarity as he does not belong to the normal crowd. He uses a unique Crisalix 3D Imaging system at his practice location which is a simulator program which assists you to create a newer version of your body right in front of you.

Dr. J uses the above technique to show you the kind of results you could expect once the surgical process is complete. One of the most important things during any surgery is the post-recovery phase. And plastic surgery is not an exception. The more you take care, the sooner would you recover. Hence, Dr. J will provide you with a list of aftercare instructions that are specific to you and your surgery type. With all of the above-mentioned approaches, it is not surprising to see why he is one of the best in the business.

PSI-Pay Looks Ahead to the Future of Payment Transactions

During recent decades, the use of technology in our everyday lives has continued to increase. The average consumer prefers using cards over cash in the western world, but this may be about to change in the near future. In Britain, the advent of new technology from PSI-Pay and Kerv Wearables could change the transaction system to contactless payments. Otherwise referred to as “wave and pay“, they have been on the market for a decade already. The website Hi-tech Chronicle recently posted an article about how PSI-Pay is at the forefront of this market shift.


Starting at the bottom, the concept behind contactless payments is being able to swipe an item and the consumer will be instantly charged. The money can come from any accounts the user might have. Kerv Wearables wants this item to be a simple ring, which would be an item many people already wear. There are already security protocols in place to protect consumers from fraud, such as a cap on the amount of money someone can spend in a give period. The payment payment is as secure as it can possibly be.


PSI-Pay is the front runner in this market transaction change. They are a Fintech company established in 2007, under the jurisdiction of the Financial Conduct Authority in Britain. They provide financial and digital services to the UK and around the world. Between 2009 and 2014, PSI-Pay’s relationship with MasterCard grew big enough for them to begin issuing their own cards. The recent partnership with Kerv Wearables will further help them achieve their goal of widespread contactless payment use.


There are few companies in the world like PSI-Pay. They have a vision for the future and are implementing it to the best of their ability. The convenience of not having to pull out your wallet or cash for a purchase will make the product very desirable for the younger generation. While many current shoppers have already shown signs of embracing digital currency methods by opening side accounts such as Apple Pay or Google Wallet. In the not too distant future, it would be very possible to see a majority of shoppers wearing Kerv Wearables products, and transaction times reduced to mere seconds.

How NGP VAN Has Brought Democratic Politics into the 21st Century

NGP VAN is a technology company that has dived head first into the political world by supporting Democratic and progressive groups and campaigns. They are the vehicle that connects campaigns to social media, fundraising, electronic canvassing and organizing a smooth campaign. The company was the primary technology base for both of President Barack Obama’s campaigns in 2008 and 2012.


The Tech News Spy article titled, In Today’s Political Campaigns, NGP VAN Helps Democrats Mobilize features NGP VAN and highlights the company’s contribution to both American and Canadian progressive politics. It also compares today’s political campaigning strategies to those of the past. It speaks of how campaigning decades ago was hard physical work. It was waking up in the morning and knocking on doors asking people to vote for the candidate, and explaining the reasons why they should do so. It was the physical labor of making up flyers to distribute, and making thousands of copies of flyers and driving around to meet and greet people. The article mentions how television and radio advertisements were an excellent option and the latest media outlets for campaigning in the 1950s, if the candidate was savvy enough.


Today, however, while it still takes hard work, but it’s more technological and strategic. Now, one can get a social media account and reach millions, right from the comfort of their home. Technology can now target the specific demographic for a candidate and send emails and posts messages and tweets explaining their platform. Now, a candidate has an understanding of who their audience is, and can zero in on that group. Decades ago, a candidate had no clue who they were appealing to. They would just blindly go and campaign, with hopes of being liked and elected. Thanks to companies like NGP VAN, the guesswork is taken out of this part, and strategically pinpoints the candidate’s audience so the candidate can take it from there to appeal to that particular group, with hopes of winning their votes.


Technology-based campaigning in the 21st century, while still very stressful, has brought the concept of convenience to the political arena. The article mentions how NGP VAN has even developed mobile apps, giving convenience and constant campaign access to both the possible constituents and campaign employees.


The article takes a strong and unexpected partisan turn at the end by asking if NGP VAN could turn Congress Democratic. Interesting!

Peter Briger is the Principal & Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors at Fortress Investment Group and has played a significant role in Fortress’ success as a finance company.

As one of the biggest, global alternative asset management companies, Fortress Investment Group’s Peter Briger has an impressive history of brokering essential business deals in areas of finance. Mr. Briger is currently Principal and Co-Chairman of the Board at Fortress Investment Group. Fortress Investment Group in 2002 hired Briger. After joining the Fortress Investment Group, he took decisive action by developing new sectors of business at Fortress. When Fortress promoted Mr. Briger to Co-Chairman and Principal, the company had made a pivotal decision to move in a direction that didn’t involve its core business, equities.

Peter Briger constructed a team in 2015 to raise $4.7 billion to create the fund called, “Fortress Credit Opportunities Fund IV.” Peter Briger’s worked in different areas of finance, and made vital decisions concerning alternative assets and also non-performing assets. Mr. Briger and Fortress strategized about purchasing financial assets at a significant discount at the time of purchase.

Prior to working at Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger worked at Goldman, Sachs, and Co. He worked there for over ten plus years, before making Partner at Goldman in 1996. Mr. Briger sat on many committees like Global Control and Compliance and the Asian Management Committee while working at Goldman, Sachs, and Co.

While at Goldman, Sachs, and Co., Peter Briger decided to create a unique and talented consortium of people, which were part of his Special Situations Group. It was noted that Briger’s Special Situations Group was responsible for earning Goldman, Sachs, and Co’s a large part of their revenue at a time when many big banking firms were in financial trouble. Because of Mr. Briger’s financial astuteness, determination, and wise investing, Goldman Sachs was able to survive the unknowns at the time.

Regarding his philanthropy efforts, Peter Briger has provided some financial gifts to his alma mater, Princeton. In 2015, he helped to set up a pilot funding program to help Princeton alumni. This program was called Alumni Entrepreneurs Fund (AEF). Briger and two other Princeton alumni developed this program to help Princeton graduates. The AEF mission is to providing recent alumni up to $100,000 in mentorship opportunities and peer-to-peer learning, and matching funds. These programs would last one year for those alumni who wanted to start new companies.

Briger not only completed his MBA while attending the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, but he earned a bachelor’s degree in 1986 from Princeton. Fortress Executives to Cash In $1.39 Billion From SoftBank Sale

Jim Toner – Working On Bringing Ideas To Life

Jim Toner has found success as a real estate investor and as a radio host, he has made it as a consultant and also as as speaker. This man is a philanthropist who works toward the goal of helping others. Mr. Toner works with a group of private clients as well as with a coaching group, sharing the knowledge that he has to the benefit of those who seek out his help.

According to Jim Toner, it is important for a person to start their day with a clear head, and Jim Toner works to do that every day. He spends time simply thinking and working on clearing his head before he gets started with all that he needs to get done in a day. After he has worked on clearing his head, he heads to the gym to work out. Toner believes that exercise can help a person with their business life just as it helps with their personal life and he feels that it is something that will help a person when everything is going wrong for them.

Different days bring different tasks that Jim Toner has to focus on, and he will live his life differently depending on the day. There are times when he will spend his day recording podcasts to share with those who are interested in what he has to say. There are other days where he will find himself traveling to get to a destination where he will be giving a seminar. When he has the chance, he likes to sneak a nap into his workday.

Jim Toner said, he believes that a person can bring an idea to life if they will just work on it. He has seen people who think about their ideas too much and who fail to implement them because of that. He believes that people should think of their ideas as a recipe and figure out what needs to be done to put them into action.

There are some who believe in the power of reading, and Jim Toner is one of those people. Toner (@thejimtoner) feels that those who are looking for success should take time to read. He spends a good amount of time reading. He has shared that reading helps a person to not only learn, but to also get out of their own head for a bit.

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Wake Up in Paradise with a Draught of Waiakea Water

Hawaii is a beautiful collection of volcanic islands. Who could imagine that the Mauna Loa volcano here produced the most coveted water in the world? The volcano is both the second largest and the most active on earth. One day, Ryan Emmons tasted the water from the volcanic spring near his uncle’s backyard. The instant hydration and rejuvenation he felt, mingled with the spark of sweetness he tasted from the volcanic rock purification, altogether overwhelmed Ryan. He founded Waiakea Water to bring this precious gift to mankind.

Waiakea Water has nothing but love for Mother Nature. As a result, Ryan decided that he would only share Waiakea Water with an ecologically-friendly plan. In order to do this, Ryan decided to use only 100% RPET bottles (which use a fraction of the water and energy to produce). He further limited the environmental impact with low-emission shipping, while simultaneously giving back to nature with reforestation initiatives. Altogether, these green strategies helped Waiakea secure the first CarbonNeutral® certification ever given to a Hawaiian water company.

The water has the potential to cure many ailments with its natural 8.8pH; including Osteoporosis and acid reflux, among others. The natural electrolytes are just what the doctor ordered, as a purer alternative, for athletes already hooked on processed coconut water. The 8.8 Waiakea water pH is just ever so slightly in the alkaline range. This neutralizes the harmful effects of acid in the body, without giving consumers the painful indigestion of popular antacids. Most of the flavored bottle water is closer to vinegar, with a ph of 3-4. But, even regular bottled water falls somewhere in the 4-7ph range.

There is nothing quite like Hawaiian volcanic water. It is naturally fortified with these key electrolytes and minerals: silica, sodium, magnesium, potassium and calcium. When comparing volcanic water benefits with those of ordinary spring water, there is nothing on earth better than the Mauna Loa. The Mauna Loa aquifier is flooded with fresh rainfall nearly 99% of the year, further topped off with snow melt from its heavenly peaks. The spring itself resides in an Idyllic paradise, surrounded by a pristine bio-diverse forest. Enjoy a draught today!,18.htm

HCR Wealth Advisors Lead Clients Out of Financial Investment Obscurity

One of the services that HCR Wealth Advisors provides is retirement planning for those individuals who are in need of it. This firm has evolved with a plethora of different managers that can help clients personalize their investment or retirement portfolio. It does not matter if the market is volatile. It does not matter if investors are in a place where they really do not believe that they can afford to invest. The financial planners for HCR Wealth Advisors has a plan in place to help all of those that struggle with these different problems.

The wealth advisors with HCR Wealth Advisors have experience with creating plans that cater to a wide demographic of people that are plagued by a multitude of different scenarios. Some clients of HCR Wealth Advisors are in a place where they may have had stagnant 401K plans that they never paid much attention to. They may not know what it takes to revive their investment plans.

There are also people that are interested in investing, but they may have gone through a life change where they have been divorced or they may be in a place where they do not really know what to expect based on a job loss. These people may have themselves in a situation where everything that they do is out of sync with what their investment goals are.

HCR Wealth Advisors are needed because there are more people that are looking at the possibility of saving money and retiring, but they have not figured out how many years this will take. Sometimes people have kids in college that they are trying to support. There are also investors that have plans that have been interrupted by aging parents.

As per Glass Door, most people have a generalized idea that is unrealistic. The amount of money that they may be saving may be totally off based on the time frame in which they want to retire. HCR Wealth Advisors that can help people gain a more realistic perspective on when they may be able to retire. These are investment professionals that have paved the path for many investors that are trying to plan based on a salary that may have changed over the course of the years.

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OSI group Was Tasked With The Producing

The OSI Group grew out of the booming German-immigrant community in Chicago, Illinois. During the onset of the 20th Century when people from German made up a quarter of the city population, the city which was the center of great industries that had got set up welcomed an immigrant group who went and established their farms on the western plains.

In 1909 the founder of OSI Group Otto Kolschowosky who was part of the immigrants opened a small meat retail and butcher shop to serve the community that had settled in the area, this was two years after moving to the United States. Due to the excellent business environment at the time the business grew exponentially, and by the end of the First World War he had to expand his operations into a wholesale model, and the business moved to the Chicago suburb of Maywood.

After operation for a decade the company had established its root and gained quite a substantive market share, this had the business to rebrand into Otto & Sons in 1928 to perpetuate the storyline of a family-based business. By the time the Second World War was over the company had become a thriving local business that became a vital part of the American society.

The significant breakthrough to the market came when McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc went into an agreement with the Sons of Otto Kolschowosky – Arthur and Harry to be the first suppliers of fresh ground beef. Over the years the Mc Donald’s franchise grew into some local restaurants, and the supply of meat primarily was the Otto and Sons Company’s primary mandate.

As the Mc Donald business grew his business model was built around supplying their clients with a consistent and quality product and the core in this operation is the hamburger, and thus the OSI group was tasked with the producing of steady affordable and consumer-driven merchandise that is transported across all of the Mc Donald’s restaurants. In 1960 with the invention of cryogenic food processing and other technological advancements it made it easier to freeze food using liquid nitrogen creating new opportunities for product expansion and reduction of costs in the industry.

Over the years the trade relations between the two companies has grown in leaps and bounds with the OSI Group opening state of the art facilities whose primary purpose is to produce the Mc Donald product line and as the latter company expanded into the global market OSI group also followed suit.

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