Gareth Henry Speaks Out Against Hate Crimes

Gareth Henry fled his country of Jamaica in order to save his life. He has more than one encounter with persecutors who wanted to harm him and even kill him. He was beaten by the police, and he sought refugee status in Canada in order to stay alive.

There are many who are still face persecution on a daily basis in Jamaica, and he feels their pain and their suffering. He is a huge advocate for gay rights, and he volunteers his time to help the Rainbow Railroad, an organization that is helping gays to get out of danger and get refugee status in other countries other than their own.

The Caribbean is one of 76 countries where same-sex relationships are not tolerated and are even criminalized. Gareth Henry new lives in Toronto, Canada where he is bringing to light the very real and dire reality for gay men in Jamaica. He has many stories to share that paint a very ugly picture of how gays are treated in his homeland as well as in many other countries. He was beaten and even had his life threatened which is why he sought refuge in Canada.

Because of his efforts, 60 refugees were able to escape to new countries in 2016 alone. Many of those refugees were Jamaican. He has lost 13 of his friends to hate crimes, and they have gone unnoticed by the world. He is working to bring this situation to light and to tell the world what is happening. Many gays are forced to live in sewers and in cemeteries simply because of their sexual preference.

Gareth Henry is an interim director at the Toronto People With AIDS Foundation, and he volunteers his time whenever he can to help refugees through the Rainbow Railroad program. He knows what it is like to be in their shoes and how hopeless they are feeling. The Rainbow Railroad is a chance for a new life where there are acceptance, freedom, and love rather than hate. Gareth Henry is pushing for change and is opening the eyes of the world.

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