Aloha Construction – Your Go To Experts for Installations, Maintenance & Repairs

Dave Farbaky founded the Aloha construction company in 2008. The company is a family owned construction business that serves Illinois and Southern Wisconsin, including areas like Lake Zurich. The company has completed over 20,000 roofing jobs in Illinois since the inception of their services.


Aloha has offices based in Lake Zurich and Bloomington. This enables them to serve their customers effectively. Some of the work that the company specializes in includes repairing or replacing roofs, siding, the gutters and your soffits.


Aloha Construction is popular as the best company to call when in need of fixing damages caused by wind, hail and storms. Other services offered include property inspections to confirm that damages present in homes are covered by insurance. Synchrony financial is a partner with Aloha Construction in streamlining payments for damages incurred on homes.


When it comes to roofing, a nine step inspection process is used to identify the damages by experts from the Aloha team. Teams working on the roof from Aloha Company will ensure that they involve the client every step of the way. The work ethic includes transparent payments and efficient timelines.


All employees from Aloha construction are trained at the Vinyl siding institute. The training ensures that work done on sidings including vinyl siding, Hardie board, aluminum, face brick, stucco and wood is done in a way to satisfy the clients needs.


Gutter repair and maintenance is also part of the services available for clients in Lake Zurich. Most people may ignore gutter repair but it is crucial to the home’s exterior appearance. Aloha can straighten out any problems with your gutters of different types including the Omni style, K-style among other gutters.


Responsibility and accountability are part of the driving forces for Aloha construction. This is because the company is passionate about the community they serve.

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