New Residential Investment Corp in real estate investment

Investing money in a company or business requires one to have adequate knowledge about where they are putting their money in. this entails doing thorough research on the company or business they want to invest in. one of the reasons people lose money in an investment is because they lack knowledge and guidance in investment.

Luckily, they are many investment companies whose work is to take care of people’s investments. In addition to that, these companies offer the required advice to people and guide them on how to manage a successful investment. New Residential Investment Corp is an investment company that was founded to take care of people’s investments in the field of real estate.

The company has been successful in helping people manage their real estate investment and also provides them with advice before they make any investment in the field of real estate. Because of these, many people have come to appreciate the work of the company which has led to building a great reputation for New Residential Investment Corp.

the company has been in operation for a period of seven years and has recorded a tremendous growth since it was founded. some of the products that the company offers to its clients are; investments in mortgage servicing rights, investments in servicer advances, investments in real estate securities and many more. One of New Residential Investment Corp’s key principles is ensuring client satisfaction. The exemplary team in the company does their very best to give nothing but the best to clients.

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Heather Parry No Longer Has to Choose Between Music and Movies

Heather Parry knew what she wanted to be when she grew up and didn’t waste any time getting started building her career. She began working at MTV at just 21 years of age. She spent 12 years there until she switched gears and got a job working for Adam Sandler and his company, Happy Madison.

Parry worked with Sandler for 10 years and at the end of 2015, she began to work at Live Nation Productions as President. With her background in music, films, and television, and her love of music, the new position was a match made in heaven.

Heather Parry is not only a driven individual who is literally brimming with creative ideas, she knows just about everyone and can always reach out to her contacts to make her dream projects come true.

After working with Colin Hanks, who was in the Happy Madison produced movie, The House Bunny, she collaborated with him on a documentary on the Eagles of Death Metal. The heavy metal group was on stage in November of 2015 when terrorists began firing on the Bataclan stage in Paris. The film received two nominations for the Critics’ Choice awards.

Additional movies that Parry has produced include Believer, about the religious conflicts of the band members in Imagine Dragon, and Gaga: Five Foot Two which followed the life of Lady Gaga.

After her success in working with Gaga, Heather didn’t waste any time trying to become involved with the singer’s movie debut with Bradley Cooper, the remake of A Star is Born. Parry was already an acquaintance of Cooper so she was able to set up a meeting with his manager. You can tell she is always focused on her work because she was able to present all the ways she could be of benefit to this film.

Wes Edens the great entrepreneur

Wes Edens is a successful businessman who has built a great reputation for himself. Wes Edens has achieved a lot in his business career which has made him very popular. He is an American who has managed to do well in business, private equity investment. Besides being a business person, he has a great passion for sports and owns a sports team. Being born in New York in 1961, Wes Edens grew up with a passion for sports. In every institution he went, he was ever active in sports. His favorite sport was skiing which he won many awards in the different competitions he participated in. he went to Oregon State University where he got his training in Finance and Business Administration. More about of Wes Edens at

The institution greatly equipped him with the necessary skills that came in handy in his career in business. Being a fresh graduate, Wes Edens got employed at Lehman Brothers where he got a job as a partner and managing director of the company. This was the beginning of his career. His second job was at an investment company known as BlackRock. The job at this company equipped him with many skills in investment and learned very many strategies of managing a successful investment. Being able to achieve a lot in his career, he later met with Peter Briger, Robert Kauffman, Randal Nardone and Michael Edward who were all from different investment companies.

They formed a partnership and Fortress Investment Group was born. His exemplary skills in business administration have greatly helped him in leading Fortress Investment Group to success. The company is a world class leading firm in the field of investment and has been able to achieve a lot. It is ranked as the leading company in investment management and offers a wide array of investment products to clients. The company always works to ensure customer satisfaction in the services they provide. Wes Eden’s capability to deal with many challenges and his incorporation of financial creativity are some of the qualities that make him such as exemplary entrepreneur. His wonderful strategies have enabled him to take the company to greater heights.

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Steve Lennsard on Getting the Best Out Of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing can be an immensely powerful tool in showcasing your brand and generating a large volume of sales. Kanye West has played a meaningful role in the growth and success of Adidas Boost brand. Rihanna’s collaboration with Puma saw the re-emergence of a brand that was fading to oblivion. These are just a few of the great successes influencer marketing has had on organizations and brands.

With the boom of such celebrity collaborations in marketing, the rise of social media giants and skyrocketing costs of such deals. It can be hard to figure out how to get the best out of such collaborations now than ever before. However, with these two golden rules, you are assured of success and maximizing the impact of influencer marketing for your organization.

First, you need to establish an authentic connection with your customers. This is done through by bringing in influencers who genuinely connect with your brand in terms of values, personality, and reputation. The person is likely to do the best brand communication for you. Such kind of a positive and strong connection goes a long way in not only growing your brand by showcasing it but also by creating a deep and compelling connection between the brand and your target market. It also eliminates the unfriendly marketing practice of your influencer promoting your brand today and using a competing brand in the future.

In instances where the influencer connection with your brand is not guaranteed you need to come up with a clear plan on how to establish that authentic connection. When Nike collaborated with Kevin Hart, the partnership grew from just advertising a training shoe to coming up with a long term plan to oversee training and running campaign. This saw Kevin in many advertisements, endorsement events, meaningful social media engagement and participating in a marathon.

Collaborating with a celebrity should strengthen a well-developed influencer marketing plan. Concentrating your effort on the right and most popular consumers who use your product or cold become great users gives you consistent exposure over time. Key considerations, however, should be whether you have a clear to position your influencer as the best advocate for your brand and who the best and most popular influencer for your product is in the community you seek to penetrate the market.

How Jingdong is Changing China Through its Social and Sustainability Efforts recently issued its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report to showcase its commitment to matters of empowerment, durability, and innovation. Jingdong, China’s leading e-commerce company has been giving back to society and the environment since 2013. The company has taken upon itself to leave a significant mark in China in all activities it is involved with either business or social-wise. sustainability targets

The first effort of the company towards sustainability was seen through the restructuring of its product packaging and delivery systems. Through projects like the Green Stream Initiative and Recycling Program, the company has reduced its waste and emissions by a considerable margin. Jingdong charity program has also been instrumental in ensuring that donations collected get to the intended group of people. Though the company’s technology, communities in remote locations can have gifts delivered to them promptly. Jingdong’s technology also fostered transparency and efficiency among stakeholders involved in organizing charity events.

Jingdong’s achievements

According to’s CEO, Richard Liu, the company is compelled to have a positive impact on society due to the sizeable economic presence and millions of people it serves. The company is obliged to share its innovation with the world through its customers, partners, and employees. Among the key things the company has done in the last couple of years include;

  • Collection of donations through the company’s Giving Platform
  • Replacement of traditional fuel vehicles to ones that use new energy
  • Saving 250 million of packaging tape that could have ended as waste
  • Collection of items in the form of clothing and toys to be recycled and reused
  • Supporting underserved communities in China through the purchase of their products has also partnered with the United Nation to participate in the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. The company has taken upon itself to contribute to causes that support the use of clean energy, poverty alleviation, and responsible consumption. Jingdong urges other organizations to add to this sustainability agenda for the good of society. This business enterprise has vowed to launch other programs to support activities in the category of education, social innovation, and disaster relief.’s commitment to the people of China remains undeterred.

Paul Mampilly Waxes Prescient on This Year’s Business Trends

The 6,220% gain Paul Mampilly’s has realized on his own investments have enabled him to retire at 42. He now offers investment advice through his investment newsletter “Profits Unlimited”. Mampilly has offered 10 business predictions for the year ahead.

  1. Once the sole domain of big corporations Paul Mampilly predicts that the use of big data will become more common among smaller businesses.
  1. The weak housing market will result in a dramatic drop in the appreciation of the value of homes. Appreciation rates will drop from 5-7% to 1.5%.
  1. Paul Mampilly says that big businesses will change their marketing tactics. The impetus behind this change will be the success of small startups that offer their customers more personalized shopping experience.
  1. The voice will increasingly supplant the keyboard for online shopping. Changes in the algorithms that devices like Amazon Echo use will change the way companies market their goods.
  1. According to Mampilly foresees map apps and location services impacting marketing practices. The change will be driven by businesses ability to gather more information about consumers.
  1. The continuation of business friendly policies enacted by the Trump administration ie: deregulation and the shift in power in the House of Representatives will benefit investors. Washington’s inability to get anything done because of the aforementioned shift in power will actually benefit investors.
  1. Edge computing makes it possible for devices to better communicate with each other. The increased use of edge computing will result in the creation of new technologies.
  1. Adherents to the investment philosophy of long-termism will double. As Paul Mampilly explains it long-termism “…focuses on assets that can be managed on a sustainable basis.”
  1. Virtual Reality technology (VR) will improve dramatically in the next year. Mampilly believes that VR technology will prove to be a smart investment.
  1. Paul Mampilly asserts that in 2019 consumer opinion in the form of online reviews will carry more weight with companies. Currently, 95% of online consumers claim that reviews influence their decision to buy. Mampilly sees this trend increasing. Shoppers and investors alike should pay attention to the reviews a company receives online.


Vijay Eswaran Career and Achievements

Vijay Eswaran was born on 7th October 1960 in Malaysia. Eswaran is a well-renowned businessman, an author as well as the co-founder and Chief Executive Chairman of QI Group of Companies, with its main headquarters in Hong Kong as well as other operational offices in Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia and also in other 10 countries through subsidiary companies. Some of the ventures QI Group has invested in include transport, luxury products, media, telecommunication, training, and corporate investment.

Vijay Eswaran sponsored his tertiary studies in the UK, where he was working as the cab driver. He studied at London School of Economics (LSE) and graduated with a degree in socio-economics in 1984. After completion of studies, Eswaran traveled all over Europe where he worked in several odd jobs. After failing to secure a good job, he resumed back to the UK to advance his studies where he learned about binary system marketing and was accredited professional qualification from Chartered Institute of Management Accounts (CIMA). He also traveled to the United States where he graduated with Master’s degree in Business Administration from the Southern Illinois University in 1986.

As an author, Vijay Eswaran has published several educational and motivational books. Some of his books include;

  • In the Thinking Zone that was published in 2010.
  • On the Wings of Thought, published 2011.
  • Two Minutes from the Abyss published 2016.

In 2017, Vijay Eswaran together with Green Ventures Capital, a subgroup of QI Group launched a RM 1.2 billion commercial and development project in cities of Bandar Meru Raya, Perak and Ipoh. The project is expected to end by 2020, and it will also include a teaching health center that will offer both private and public medical services.

Vijay also leads the council of Quest International University as the Chairman, which is part of QI Group.

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JHSF Participacoes SA Under Jose Auriemo Neto Sterns the World after Announcing Construction of Executive Airport

When the news to construct the Catarina Executive Airport in Sao Paulo by JHSF Participacoes SA came out, everybody was shocked. The challenge many people got was how the airport would be upon completion. However, this would be sorted after a while.

Although the construction of the Catarina Executive Airport is a good thing, not all people who received the news with awe will enjoy its services. The good thing about the news is that once complete, Sao Paulo would join other big cities in the world that have the same kind of airports.

The design of the Catarina Airport aims at those who would be using the Executive Aviation. Ideally, this segment is only for diplomats, executive airports, local and international as well as long-haul flights that travel to distant lands.

JHSF Participacoes SA, a Brazilian real estate and financial investment company, which has funded the construction, says that the executive airport would make Brazil the ideal tourist attraction in South America.

The modernly designed airport would have state-of-the-art airport infrastructure, its own traffic control system and equipment among other things. These high-tech equipment would allow a 24-hr service operation.

When making the announcement, JHSF Participacoes SA said that the airport would not experience what is dominant in other international airports. The company’s CEO, Eduardo Silveira Camara, said, that while many international airports impose restrictions on common travelers, there would be nothing of the sort at Catarina Executive Airport.

The airport would be able to receive large and executive jets that would depart for Paris, London, and New York, among other international cities. The CEO said that it is expected that Catarina Executive Airport would receive big jets such as The Falcon 6X and 8X from Dassault Falcon Jets, Global 7500, G550 Gulfage, and Gulfstream’s Embraer among other big jets that will offer nonstop international flight services.

Apart from the building of Catarina Executive Airport, the Eduardo Silveira Camara-led JHSF Participacoes SA invests in real estate, upscale hotel, and restaurant construction, financial investments and acquisitions, and offers various services on property management and administration. The company has several local and international subsidiaries that help it to monitor the business accurately. Some of the company’s international subsidiaries are in Uruguay, and New York, USA.

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HGGC: A Private Equity Firm Of Great Success

Self-described as relationship investors, HGGC is a leading private equity firm helping portfolio companies navigate the dynamics of business. Armed with a multitude of skills, their expertise runs the gamut from leveraged buyouts to add-on acquisitions. Additional strengths include industrial services, recapitalizations, and software. The brains behind this distinguished corporation are Richard Lawson, Lance Taylor, and Steve Young. The latter is a familiar name in the NFL. Upon retiring his helmet, Young was intrigued by the prospect of pursuing business ventures. When he crossed paths with Taylor and Lawson, the three bonded over their passion for investing.

Come 2007, these titans of industry created their very own organization. Since its inception, HGGC’s made an indelible impact on the industry. No doubt recipients of many successes, Young, Lawson, and Taylor take pride in their reputable status. Some of their greatest achievements include creating 116 portfolio investments and charging billions of dollars in business transactions. At its core, HGGC is a firm of strong collaboration tactics. Young maintains that this “old school approach” is the most reliable tool in their repertoire of strategies. What’s more, Young is on record stating that they yearn for partnership in every endeavor they pursue.

Moreover, HGGC’s preferred clientele includes founder-owners, sponsors, and management teams. Young, Lawson, and Taylor are of the school of thought that these individuals are ideal candidates for portfolio and platform investing. Above all else, HGGC is an innovative company of rapidly expanding ideals. For instance, advantaged investing is one practice the organization’s recently adopted, and it’s armed them with keen insight into investor-operator affairs. Young, Lawson, and Taylor continually make efforts to expand their knowledge so HGGC can reap substantial rewards. In essence, these business tycoons hope to evolve alongside the ever-shifting and adapting nature of their trade.

Money Reserves and the Federal Control

It is evident that the prominence of gold owes its rise to the weakened dollar, raising speculations on whether the federal reserves could impose breaks on their monetary cycles. As the dollar grows weaker, it paves the way for gold in the market, threatening interest rates and their future.

In the past, the feds had their concerns towards the nature of interest rates, having stood on the interest hikes, aggressively conforming to normalization.

With their stands, they received criticisms for raising the interest rates despite Wall Street as well as the Trump administration vouching for a lowered interest rate. After raising the rates with claims of normalization, the feds intend to reduce them with the consequent weakening of the dollar.

In understanding the federal reserves, they are tasked with handling all the monetary policies in America, requiring no monitoring and taking orders in the nation. Even though the United States government is powerful and influential, it cannot interfere with the monetary policy processes and lacks the authority of interfering in the interest rates business.

In the chairman of the federal reserve’s taking no orders from any other organization in the nation, most individuals ended up skeptical, claiming that influential people from Wall Street and Capitol Hill. Their argument has its base on the Fed’s chairman seat being under directives by the president, and not elective.

In understanding the nature of the country’s financial state and information about the federal reserves, then the average consumers get a glimpse of how the currency is fairing.

Moreover, learning of what is happening with the money as well as the financial system gives them a chance to take control of their schedules. For instance, the thought of the feds raising the rates with their knowledge of the recession that the country is directed towards creates speculation to the individuals understanding the nature of the interest rates.

To successfully avert the recession, they raise the rates having the bigger picture in mind. Therefore, knowing the money reserves and the federal control concerning depression helps the individuals prepare themselves for the financial downturn and the weakening dollar as the currency.

In conclusion, gold proves to be dominant, making its way past the dollar. The recent raising of the interest rates as a strategy by the federal reserves appear to be reducing, having the rates lowered. Therefore, it is only in learning of the interest rates, the central control, currency and recession that individuals can prepare for the downturn that is approaching.

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