How Isabel dos Santos Acquired Her Success

When it comes to women empowerment in Africa, very few people across the world are familiar with the strides African women have taken to not only be independent, but also make a statement in the world. One such woman is Isabel dos Santos. She is one of the richest African women and the eldest child of a former Angola president who reigned from 1979 to 2017. According to research conducted by the Forbes Magazine in 2013, Isabel dos Santos´ total net worth totaled up to approximately three billion US dollars, and this makes her the first African woman billionaire in the continent. With six years passing by since 2013, her wealth has continued to grow.

However, being a woman in a world that is wholly dominated is not easy, and this is what makes her stand out. According to Isabel dos Santos, the men in her life are the most significant influence she has when it comes to the success and wealth she has accumulated over the years. Her father encouraged her to do the best she could to achieve her dreams. She has the freedom to choose the career she desired, and this motivated her to give her career choice all the effort it required.

Her husband is also a pillar of support in her career and has been a crucial part of her success. He provides her with encouragement and honest advice. Apart from being the best husband, he is also the best father to their children. The information she offers to parents is that they should help their children establish an early sense of responsibility and confidence. Teaching them to fend for themselves enables them to rely on themselves as well. Isabel know the urgence of empowering girls with the necessary life skills will teach them how to manage their salary, finances, and investments wisely.

According to Isabel, being in a male-dominated society has significant challenges like prejudice and discrimination. On several occasions during business meetings, she has had people tend to negotiate deals with her male lawyer and advisor even though she was a shareholder or the owner of the business. However, rising above prejudice makes her the best in the business sector.

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