Agera Energy Gets A New Chief Financial Officer

Agera Energy has been expanding pretty rapidly over the past few years; with this growth has come a few replacements and additions to the team. This is especially true with upper management positions, as the company has recently named a new Chief Financial Officer in Mark Linzenbold. Mr. Linzenbold has had a varied career in the retail energy business, with many of these positions being in the C-Suite management. He initially got his start in the industry with KPMG, where he worked as a Regional Manager for several years. Through this, he was behind many key decisions that helped to expand KPMG’s existing consumer base. Read more about Agera Energy at Medium.


Following this, Mark Linzenbold took on the role of Vice President of Business Planning & Corporate Controller at Strategic Energy; while Strategic was a key competitor of Agera Energy in some key areas, this still provided some much-needed experience for Mr. Linzenbold in these areas. However, Mr. Linzenbold’s journey to Agera Energy went through another one of its competitors before the two were able to come together. It was at this point in Mark Linzenbold’s career that he joined another retail energy giant in Direct Energy. Mr. Linzenbold spent seven years with the company, helping to rapidly expand the companies customer base while also launching operations in some other areas. Learn more about Agera Energy at Linkedin.


This was also something that Agera Energy CEO Geoff Duda praised when welcoming Mr. Linzenbold to the company. Mr. Duda noted that this experience, and the skills that come with it, would make Mark a valuable asset to the overall company. Geoff Duda also said that Agera Energy would be able to continue its growth, and possibly even increase its pace, with Mark Linzenbold’s arrival. When announcing that Mr. Linzenbold had signed on as Agera Energy’s new CFO, Geoff Duda also praised his experience in a few key areas related to retail energy. These include the likes of finance, business management, and organizational development; Mr. Duda noted that by improving Agera Energy in these areas, the company should be able to fuel its overall growth. Because of this, Mr. Duda and the rest of the leadership team at the company are excited to have Mr. Linzenbold on board.


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