Luke Lazarus: Serial Entrepreneur and Seasoned Startup Consultant

Luke Lazarus is a Melbourne-based startup consultant who has a track record as an entrepreneur for more than 20 years. Luke is famous in the south eastern coast of Australia as an advisor to most CEOs as well as for his ability to form successful partnerships and build businesses. Luke Lazarus has worked as a business consultant in Australia, offering advice to upcoming businesses on how to run their enterprises.



Education and Entrepreneurial Journey



Knowledge in the business arena has been vital in making Luke Lazarus the consultant he is today. He graduated with an MBA from Melbourne Business School when he was only 24 years old. After that, his enthusiasm for business led him to start and sell four companies before he reached 33 years. Indeed, his vast experience has been the key driver in shaping up the advise he gives businesses on identifying challenges hindering growth and eliminating them.



Areas of Expertize



Luke Lazarus has used the past decade to gain tremendous experience in matters business. The ten years he has spent in entrepreneurship has enabled him to offer the services below to his partners and clients alike:



  • Investor Presentations- Luke Lazarus has managed to secure millions in startup money from investors due to his presentations. His keen eye for detail has enabled him to identify the factors ailing businesses and seek financial support required to put the venture back on track.


  • Business Plans- every new business requires a well-thought-out business plan. The plan defines the mission, vision and potential clients that the business targets. Over the years, Luke has understood that the only way to sell a business plan is to make it simple and concise. The product story should be easy to explain to investors, customers and partners. Occasionally, Luke Lazarus has always advised clients that the foundations for a successful venture are set if the product is synonymous with its story.


  • Financial Projections- often, a startup’s profitability is pegged on their cash flow and their ability to project profitability. Lazarus has managed to steer a plethora of companies to success because of his unique ability to anticipate the expected revenue in the startup over a certain period. Doing so not only provides a clear picture to investors but also ensures transparency and consistency.


  • Market Research- Lazarus assists the startups he is involved with in researching their potential markets to give them an upper hand before venturing out. Doing so enables him to analyze competition and establish buyer personas.



Lazarus’ Typical Day Routine


Luke Lazarus believes in starting his day early. After that, he meditates before hitting the gym for his daily workouts. After exercising, Lazarus checks his emails, prepares his to-do-list and makes himself a cup of coffee. He says that his nature of work requires organization and a clear agenda. These two components are key ingredients to success in entrepreneurship.


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