Steve Lesnard shares two ways to successful market a product in a technology driven world

Steve Lesnard in a blog post from Medium shares two tips to successfully market a product as marketing can be a big factor to its success. Today’s technology makes it easy for people to market their ideas to the public but it has to be done right according to Lesnard as he lists the first tip to just keep it simple. He uses an example in Walt Disney, and how they always prioritize the story above all. The introduction can be crucial to an items success as it should highlight what is new and better about it from the last item. Steve Lesnard understands that this can not be so easy as it seems and shares another example with Apple and how they created the iPod so people could listen to music wherever they are. Apple seems to stay above the competition because they continue to offer new elements to their products such as more safety features for their watch and add health and fitness options to it. The ideas can be simple as Lesnard states but it works because they add new features that people are interested in and want. Another company named Peleton offered at home fitness and focused on the unique experience to be successful. The last tip that Steve Lesnard gives is focusing on the customers’ experience, which is how it looks, feels, and the purpose of it. Videos can be a good way to show what the purpose of the product is while showing how it looks and can feel like. This has become only easier in today’s society with platforms such as Facebook and Instagram where pictures can be posted and shared to millions of people across the world. Lesnard ends the article giving advice for people to ask themselves what they want their product to be remembered for and who they can get to represent the item. People can listen to his podcast on Moidiam and can see more marketing tips from the businessman on both LinkedIn and Crunchbase.

Steve Lesnard Medium blog post – how to successfully market a product

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