Article Title: Agera Energy Hires New CEO Geoffrey Duda

Agera Energy is definitely planning for the future. The direct energy seller with a focus on conservation is one of many alternative power sources revolutionizing the industry. In an effort to provide more energy options to consumers, Agera has gone and hired Geoffrey Duda as its new CEO. The hope is that Duda will use his years of experience to help the company move in a positive direction. Geoffrey has pledged to continue building on Agera’s solid foundation.

Geoffrey Duda is no stranger to the energy market. Since 2017 he has served as the president of Liberty Energy. Duda was responsible for their mass markets both commercial and industrial. As Agera currently serves both residences and commercial businesses his expert take on industrial power may open up a new service area for Agera.

Before Liberty Energy, Duda spent 12 years circling around Direct Energy. He held a variety of senior management positions such as General Manager and Senior Vice President. Duda has a great reputation for achieving growth and effective turn around. He has helped build, manage, and expand businesses from every stage of production. Now at Agera he will have the opportunity to do it again.

About Agera

Agera Energy was founded in 2014. It first started its business by acquiring various public utilities in deregulated areas. The company offers low rates, a variety of plans, and a unique focus on conservation. The aim of Agera is to not only save consumers money but also reduce overall energy waste.

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