Article Title: Jose Auriemo Neto And His Greatest Creation In JHSF Yet: Parque Cidade Jardim

Article Text:

Years before Jose Auriemo Neto took over JHSF, he presented a proposal to his father to build a high luxury complex in land located at Marginal Pinheiros. Fabio Auriemo, who was the president of JHSF at that time, immediately dismissed the idea and tells Jose that Marginal Pinheiros is not suited for such development. However, Jose never gave up and toured his father around the region. In 2008, JHSF’s first luxury mall, Parque Cidade Jardim was born.

The Parque Cidade Jardim is currently one of the biggest real estate property in Brazil. It houses a huge shopping center with 180 stores, four office towers, nine residential towers, and one tower multi-purpose tower where Fasano Hotel is located. This project is a success and helps the company become one of the best known in the country and helped Jose Auriemo Neto to take the position of Chief Executive Officer in JHSF. Each year, the shopping mall manages to attract more luxury brands. Among the brands it houses are Louis Vuitton, Longchamp, Ermenegildo Zegna, and Montblanc.

There are a lot of adjustments to be done during the initial construction of the shopping district. To be just and fair, the company spend millions of Brazilian Reais to help in relocating 70 families who are living in the slum. JHSF also spent 50 million reais to acquire Certificates of Potential Additional Construction or CEPACAs. Right now, Parque Cidade Jardim is not the only shopping district developed by JHSF. Jose Auriemo Neto also developed the Shopping Metro Santa Cruz and the Shopping Metro Tucuruvi.

JHSF, being the leader in the Brazilian high-end real estate market, also handles more businesses beside Parque Cidade Jardim. The company, which is founded in 1972, has four business units. Among Parque Cidade Jardim, they have incorporation, Fasano Hotel & Restaurants, and an international business airport.

Jose Auriemo Neto, also known as Zeco by his friends, has been leading the company for a decade. He graduated in Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado University in San Paulo and started working for JHSF in 1993. Zeco is married to Mariana Landmann Auriemo and is a father to Antonio and Olivia.

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