Jana Lightspeed: Why Lightspeed Ventures?

Jana Lightspeed is a new partner at Lightspeed Ventures as of the year 2018. She is a Computer Engineering graduate in 2001 from the University of Illinois. Jana Messerschmidt, her official name, is excited to join a team that complements her values, interests, weaknesses, and strengths. She terms the move as more of “rewirement” rather than a retirement. Prior to joining the company, Jana invested in companies with different portfolios ranging from health, transport, and technology. She also held positions of business development, marketing, and engineering in multinational companies such as Netflix and Twitter.

Beforehand, Jana together with other persons founded a company #ANGELS. The main vision and goal of the company was to enable more women to invest in startups. The company successfully investment in 50 companies among them CAMEO and BIRD.

One of the great motivators of Jana to joining Lightspeed Ventures is the opportunity to work with a team that compliments her skills. Jeremy Liew, one of the partners at Lightspeed is experienced in consumer investing having worked with companies such as GIPHY. Nicole Quinn, another partner is experienced in marketing with operating and banking brands such as Haus Beauty. Working together with these and other partners is an opportunity to bring the best out of each other.

The other motivation is mentorship. Besides being an experienced investor, Lightspeed offers Jana Lightspeed an opportunity to learn from other experienced and seasoned partners. This will influence her to more growth and confidence in her investments. Lastly, Jana looks forward to the teamwork at Lightspeed. Investing can be a lonely journey. Having to work with like-minded individuals makes the journey more exciting and it’s a good model that is appreciated by many founders. Investing in startups is an impactful activity that helps entrepreneurs achieve their vision and Jana Lightspeed is excited to do this with Lightspeed Ventures.


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