Michael Lacey, the Brightest Mathematics Teacher

From the time he was a young boy, Michael Lacey has always had a deeper understanding of mathematics. Michael earned his degree from the University of Texas and completed his Ph.D. at the University of Illinois.

After his postgraduate studies, he immediately returned to academics as an assistant professor at the University of Louisiana, Baton Rouge. Michael Has also held the positions of assistant professor at the University of North Carolina and the Indiana University. He later held tenure as an associate professor at Georgia state university. From the year 2001, he has been a professor at the university.

Michael Lacey profound understanding in mathematics compelled him to venture into teaching. He could have chosen a myriad of careers, but he decided this particular because it was the only way he could spread the understanding of the topic and serve society.

He has a broad knowledge of teaching as it was his first profession. Working in various universities has enabled him to grow as a teacher and understand the different techniques of teaching.

He has been so proficient such that he has won awards for the best teacher. While at the University of Indiana he earned a postdoctoral fellowship from the natural science foundation.in his career he worked on solving the bilinear Hilbert Transformation which he regards as his highest milestone.

With Walter Philips supervising him, his thesis in touched on the area of probability in Banach spaces and ended up solving problems related to the law of iterated logarithm for characteristic empirical functions. His works in mathematics have earned him the title of the best mathematician in the country.

Michael Lacey efforts have not gone unnoticed as he has won various awards. Aside from his fellowship from the Indiana University he has multiple ones from all the universities he has taught. The Georgia state university honored him with the NSF-ADVANCED mentoring award. In Berlin, Germany, he was given the podium to address mathematician in the international congress, an opportunity presented to very few individuals.

Michael has been joint recipient along with Christoph Thiele for the Prix Salem Award by Princeton University.

Michael Lacey has made it his primary duty to pass on his knowledge. He is so passionate that aside from his research, he finds the time to mentor students in various institutions of learning.

Fabletics Gets Strength from the Power of the Crowd

Consumers are shifting attention from what the seller says the product is to what the customer means. Crowd-sourced reviews tend to influence the decision of the buyer and again make them feel comfortable with the product as if it has been recommended by someone close to them. Fabletics has experienced the effect of the crowd or user review. Fabletics was launched in 2013 and has grown by over 200% making more $235 million in revenue. Reports are a powerful marketing tool and can both attract customers, retain, or even improve their loyalty to a given product.


Trust: most customers crowdsource their purchase decision, they spend time researching the product and going through the review. BrightLocal Study in their recent research found out that 84% of consumers trust online review and they no longer consider old marketing strategies to be effective. Peter Holten Trustpilot CEO and Founder said that the crowd feedbacks are now safer, trusted and influential and one can rely on them for authentic information.


Regular use: The percentage of customers who research business monthly has gone up by at least 23%. The other 50% frequently read reviews and with 60% saying that negative reviews have caused them not to buy a given product. Businesses with an excellent reputation tend to make more sales than the ones without.


There has been an increase of 70% on the brands that include user review on their websites since 2014. User review has experienced drastic growth. Many consumers click on a product to compare the reviews as opposed to comparing the price.


How Powerful is Authentic Review?


Positive, authentic reviews help a brand to move up the Google search rank quickly. Research done by Firm L2 found out that those businesses with numerous reviews on several e-tail sites tend to get higher ranking as opposed to those with fewer reviews. Many consumers will decide to buy a product after reading the reviews hence leading to more revenue. Businesses with reviews are 17% likelihood of making sales as opposed to those without.


Fabletics collects and responds to thousands of customers reviews and even make some part of their forum. Fabletics understand the theory that review leads to repeat customers. Roughly 85% of their customers are repeat customers with only 17% being new customers. Crowdsourcing dictates businesses to be transparent and customer-centered.


About Kate Hudson


Kate Hudson significantly contributed to the success of Fabletics. Fabletics as established in 2013 as a fashion-forward athleisure brand. The company that started so little has for four years grown, and its current worth is $250 million. Kate was the first person that was brought in the company because she represented the real picture of what the shareholders wanted the company to be.


Fabletics president Gregg Throgmartin said that Kate was involved in establishing the company from the beginning. Kate is a celebrity who used the product that she endorsed and promoted. Kate could use the work out right from the Fabletics as a way of promoting the business. Kate later collaborated with a company that had enough experience on online fashion a move that positively contributed to the growth of Fabletics.

Former MLB Player Logan Stout Helps Hurricane Harvey Victims

Former Professional athlete Logan Stout who became the founder, CEO and nutritional supplement guru of IDLife was deeply touched by the tragedies of the people in Houston during Hurricane Harvey. Because he is located in Frisco, Texas he felt called to help in any way he could. So, he shuttered his business doors for a few days and began to take in pallets of supplies donated from local Texans at his warehouse.

Logan reached out to other associates to join in. He then partnered up with Black-Tie Moving to load all the donated supplies using both his company and Black-Tie trucks to haul in donations and small rescue boats to the hardest hit regions around Houston.

For Logan, the retired professional athlete, author and CEO he was thrilled as he felt it was one of his greater accomplishments. When asked to summarize what drove him to get involved he responded, “you’ve never lived until you get an opportunity to do something kind and helpful for people who can never pay you back.”

In addition to reaching out locally, Stout hit the national forum to appeal for people to volunteer going on his Facebook page and rallying people to get out and help those in need and appearing on the Today Show with its millions of viewers to alert people of the on-going relief efforts for the hurricane.

Logan Stout’s Company IDLife

Stout, who is no stranger to the world of professional athletes and fans felt it was imperative to try to take some of his healthy living techniques and bring it to the general public. For those who are unfamiliar with Logan Stout, he is a 16 Time World Series Professional Baseball Player and former coach and founder of the Dallas Patriots.

One of Stout’s main entrepreneurial efforts is IDLife. Founded in 2000 IDLife which stands for Individually Designed Life, was born as a health supplement company that focuses on giving people great holistic alternatives to nutrition. From weight loss to nutrition, skin care and greater energy and wellbeing his products have been designed from the framework of the mind of a former professional athlete.

The company has a series of consumer reviews and testimonies validating the positive health changes the company supplements have made in their lives. In addition to caring about the wellbeing of people’s physical health, Stout’s company is very involved in philanthropic community efforts to encourage healthy communities.

Read More: www.ceocfointerviews.com/interviews/LoganStout-IDLife17.htm

Why Organizations Like The International Labor Organization And The Frontera Fund Are Needed

If there is one thing that likely unites all people it is the fact that nearly every adult has to go to work. For the majority of people not having a job is simply not an option. There are very few people who can actually support themselves and afford their rent, groceries, electricity bill, car payment or health insurance without having to clock in somewhere and answer to someone somewhere.

That said work is clearly a necessity for most human beings and because of that it is important to concentrate on efforts that make finding work and performing work as safe and equitable as possible.

Everyone knows how difficult it can be when the job they have is difficult to navigate. Having coworkers that mistreat you or a boss that never acknowledges how hard you work can be very hard to deal with and demoralizing. Many people around the world have to deal with workplaces that deal serious threats to their well being and to their safety.

Some people might work within a workplace that does not comply with labor practices and does not allow them to take lunch breaks when they need them.

This might mean that they are expected to perform work that is difficult, very detail oriented or even very dangerous on an empty stomach and without the energy they need to execute their work properly.

Other employees might find themselves in a similar situation and that when they decide to use the proper channels to make a complaint about difficult or unsafe working conditions that they actually end up losing their job and their source of income.

These are just some of the many reasons that it is important to have various entities and organizations who are committed to doing work that makes it easy for workers to find good jobs and to keep those jobs without having to endanger themselves physically or having to endanger their professional reputations.

This is the reason that organizations such as the International Labour Organization exist. The International Labour Organization is part of the United Nations, a global intergovernmental organization that promotes global cooperation.

The International Labour Organization has worked to create standards that lend themselves to making workplaces much more safe and fair for the people who have to work in them. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/michael-lacey/

When everyone is able to access work that is safe, fair and that pays a living wage the world moves closer to being a better place and to unleashing possibilities that will make everyone’s lives better.

The International Labour Organization of the United Nations is not the only entity that has chosen to dedicate itself to improving the quality of life for overlooked people. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

An organization that is based in the Southwestern United States has also been doing its part to improve its community and engage people whose civil rights are often shunted to the side. This organization is a foundation that is known as the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is the brainchild of two longtime colleagues and collaborators.

One of them is known as Jim Larkin and the other founder of the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is known as Michael Lacey. Both of the founders have a background that has lent itself to doing work that would focus on giving communities that do not normally have a voice access to a platform.

After the colleagues were able to come into a large sum of money due to a large court settlement that was worth several million dollars they decided that they would use the money from the settlement to start the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and that the organization would use its resources to support organizations that were doing vital work in their communities.

Dogs Owning Owners!

The Beneful Dog food Commercials are absolutely hilarious!

The first commercial I saw was a beautiful hound dog explaining about the Break-In-Bites Beneful snacks of goodness, what they were made from, and what he had to do to get it, allow his human’s child to relax on his belly! Classic dog logic!

The next commercial I saw was a little, white lap dog explaining how he likes the chicken in the Beneful Dog Super-foods type dog food but his owner really likes that there is pumpkin and blue berry essence in the food instead of grains! This is informative and funny!

The last commercial was the Beneful Dinner for 2 commercial! The Collie explains how he and his human have been together since 2012 and dinner is their favorite time together and how he eats great food with real meat where she eats a cracker and cheese, regularly! Then it ends with him ‘rolling his eyes’ and saying “some people will put ANYTHING in their bodies!”

These commercials are all hilarious and informative for dogs and their loving owners!


The Goals That End Citizens United Have For The Coming Elections

End Citizens United is a grassroots political action committee that was set up to deal with issues affecting the electorate and the elections process in general. The PAC was very active before, during and after the just concluded general election, and they had the hope of putting as many Democratic Party Candidates into office as they possibly could.

They did succeed in raising funds and helping the campaigns of several Senators and others. The group is, however, not pleased with the results of the presidential elections and as such; they are already gearing up for the Congressional Mid-terms in 2018.

The group started its activities after the 2010 FEC vs. Citizens United case in the Supreme Court. They lost the case, and a law was put in place making it possible for super PACs to participate in the elections by funding the candidates of their choice. End Citizens United feel that this legislation has made it very easy for groups such as Koch Brothers and other unclean sources of money to be invested in politics. They also think that the involvement of such characters in politics leads to the election of leaders who are morally compromised.

Their approach to the issue is to have the constitution amended to lock the Super PACs out. To make this happen, they have started collecting signatures for the petition. Currently, they have collected about 300,000 signatures out of the one million that they need to make it happen. They are hoping that their deal with the “Ready for Hillary’ movement, which has more than 4 million members, will help them gather the remaining signatures. The group has allowed ECU to access their email list, and this is seen as the first step towards their amendment goal.

Some people feel like ECU’s goal to have the constitution amended is a little over-ambitious. The last time the constitution was changed was in 1992. ECU, however, believes that they owe it to the Citizens to do their best and rectify laws that could lead to their oppression. They have vowed to keep raising funds and keep raising awareness of the issues within the political and legislative processes.

Their target is to raise more than the $25 million that they managed for the last election. The CEO of the group says that they already see signs that they will do much better than they did in their fundraising efforts. She confided that they had received thousands of donations, and most of them were first time contributors. It goes to show that there are people who are not happy with those who are currently in office, and they are doing their best to rectify the situation. The group is destined to make great changes to the politics of the country.

Learn more about End Citizens United: http://www.factcheck.org/tag/end-citizens-united/

Easy Success With Market America Products

Changing your success is easy with Market America Products. It is a sure way to progress from average person to entrepreneur overnight. Access to products from Market America are changing lives and making fortunes for all loyal members. This is the best way to get businesses running with little overhead anywhere.

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There is a road to easy success with products from Market America. It is the simplest way to the success you deserve and have been looking for all along. Are you ready for membership with Market America? This could change your life, so be ready for it.

Learn More: www.marketamericagear.com/

The Excelling of Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is a famous successful man in the world. He is a philanthropist who dedicates some of his wealth to those I need and the society. Adam is an accomplished entrepreneur. He graduated with an MBA from USC as well as finished his schooling from Technion then he went to the US to do his MBA. Adam’s effort in what he does gave him an opportunity to become the managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties. He is a businessman who majors in real estate investment. Adam is from the Jewish community. He respects and adheres to his culture. He comes from Israel.

He is a good leader of the Jewish community; he has brought the Jewish people together by enhancing them to follow their values and way of living. Asa result of his devotion to the Jewish people, Adam was appointed the co-founder and national chairman of the Israel-American Council. Gila Milstein is his wife and together they started Sifriyat Pijama B’America. This foundation gives books to a number of people and especially those of the Jewish culture. They deliver the books every month.

Adam is a kind-hearted businessman who assists upcoming investors to achieve their dreams and do well in their businesses. Adam first worked as a broker before becoming very successful in the business industry. As a broker, he was open-minded thus learning so much and attaining a number of skills and he became a real estate agent. The role of Adam at Hager Pacific Properties is to help in the administration of the firm by using his management skills. Furthermore, the customers of the company are pleased with the services they get as well as how good they are served.

Nevertheless, the employees of Hager Pacific Properties are good professionals who take good care of the requirements of the clients. Teamwork is also involved thus making their work easy and fast as well as their relationship becomes good. The company’s profit is increased due to the hard work and teamwork. The company has partnered with a number of similar organizations all over the world for the purpose of implementing the best strategies.

Adam Milstein Social Media: www.facebook.com/adam.milstein.5

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin – Show and Tell

Oh, I See: They’re Open to Honest Feedback and Have Also Expanded Their Social Media Presence

Oh, I see: Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are on top of things, which comes as no surprise. These top innovators behind The Frontera Fund have recently come up with something that has blown me away – in a good way. In short, I speak of their recent social media posts and new avenues for reaching the masses; it’s crucial, after all, to get the word out. Human lives matter, and that’s why Frontera fights for all civil, migrant and universal human rights. This is what drives Lacey and Larkin out of bed every morning. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin | LinkedIn

Plus, these two leaders always ask the important questions, such as this one: “For my learning experience and a better experience for the activist next time, what would you have added/changed to the previous campaign? Thank you for your honest feedback.”

-Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin

Sample Posts of What You May See on Frontera’s Many Connected Social Media Blogs

Post 1

So Many Avenues

That’s right – faithful gamers and affiliates! We now have so many avenues with which to bring you the latest updates on our retro consoles, DIY kits, controllers, blogs and more! Take your pick! Subscribe to one or more today: Main blog YouTube Pinterest Instagram Tumblr Twitter Facebook

Post 2

Fans of Human Liberty

Attention, human liberty fans! A new survey is coming out next week, so stay tuned for more! This time around, you’ll have the opportunity to vote on your favorite “plan of action” and see what your friends and fellow petitioners have chosen! But in the meantime, follow us on social media and stay tuned for more!!!

What You Have Just Read and So Much More

What you have read were mere samples composed just now; they are original pieces and have not been used before. They serve as mere examples of all the good things that you can come to expect by following The Frontera Fund on social media and subscribing to its blogs and weekly newsletter. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/blogs/az-aclu-honors-new-times-founders-jim-larkin-and-mike-lacey-as-civil-libertarians-of-the-year-6500737

If you wish to stay informed on all that Michael and Jim are up to these days, then you need to begin following them on all channels possible to not miss out on anything.

Why is it important to do so? Well, Michael and Jim stand for human lives. They care, and so should we.

Things Every Educator Should Know, Thanks to Rocketship Education

Preston Smith is the co-founder and chief executive officer of Rocketship Education, a system of not-for-profit public charter schools across the United States of America that are situated in low-income areas. Unfortunately, many children don’t have access to top-notch educations in neighborhoods, cities, and counties that are economically disadvantages. Fortunately for these young, K-5 students and their families, Rocketship Education has brought some of the highest test scores in their respective regions, despite its attendees’ families having low levels of disposable income.

After working with students from low-income backgrounds for more than fifteen years in San Jose, combined with his experience at Rocketship Education’s ten years of operation, Preston Smith has learned lots of things about educational administration and application that many others don’t learn in lifetimes of working in pedagogical practice. Let’s learn about several of the key tidbits of information Preston Smith has released to the entire world for bettering their teaching skills.

Parents play a vital role in students’ educational endeavors in elementary public schools. Many parents don’t fight for good enough education, uncaringly sending their children to schools that aren’t good enough. Parents should send their children to other, better schools if current facilities aren’t getting the job done. This also applies to the families that send their kids to Rocketship Education’s eighteen locations. Although the school has a respectively high 91% retainment percentage, this helps keeps their students exposed to quality learning environments.

Parents, students, teachers, and everybody else involved with public schools, just like Rocketship Education, should be outwardly proud of their organizations. Public schools are often outperformed by their private counterparts, one reason being the generally better attitude private school associates have about their facilities. When people are proud of things, they’re more likely to perform better.

Allt teachers hired by Rocketship Education are interviewed by parents. Even though many administrators put children of their own through schools, unbiased parents not involve din administration are likely to pick up on many things that school employees aren’t. Parents are teamed up in panels of three to six members with one administrator’s help, collectively selecting the best teachers.