You Can Count On IC System For Your Accounts Receivable Recovery Needs

Founded in 1938 by Ruth and Jack Erickson, IC System is an accounts receivable company that has always been highly dedicated to customer satisfaction. Although the company has since passed on to new generations, it has stayed within the family and, today, still provides itself on providing excellent service to its clients (Nhms).

One of the things that makes IC System the preferred choice for businesses is that they strive to incorporate new technologies into their services. For example, in 1968, the company’s leaders saw that computers were more than just a trend. IC System was one of the first businesses to replace its typewriters with computers, ushering in the new information age. That dedication to staying up to date with new innovations and changes in policies has never wavered. That’s why clients can count on IC System to stay compliant with the latest updates to government regulations, such as CFPB, TCPA, 501(r). IC System also incorporates state of the art security measures to ensure their collection efforts remain safe and confidential (,21.htm).

The team at IC System prides itself on maintaining core values that put their customers’ needs first. To that end, they pledge to always treat each customer with respect, giving them honest responses to their questions and concerns. Additionally, they want to go above and beyond with each service they provide, so they’re always looking for new innovations to help them do that. The company’s goal is to provide quality service as expediently as possible.

Beyond their accounts receivable services, IC System also strives to give back to their community. They operate their own charity organization, E.C.H.O. (Employee Charitable Help Organization), which they started in 1981. This gives every employee an opportunity to participate in charity work. E.C.H.O. accepts donations from the company’s staff and determines the causes or organizations most in need of the money. In addition to helping the community, E.C.H.O. helps employees in need. Whenever a staff member is facing a personal catastrophe, the charitable group steps up to offer help.

IC System seeks to deliver quality accounts receivable services, while also looking after its employees and its community. As a family business, the company continues to strive for integrity and efficiency in all of its endeavors.