Stream Energy: Expansions in the Northeast

Stream Energy is a Texas-based company that was founded in August 2004. The company locally operates within the borders of Texas during their early years, but right after seeing the potential of other states, they decided to expand their operations. Stream Energy recently focused in the northeast region of the United States, commonly known as New England. Their newest client, the state of Delaware, has a rising demand for energy, and the executives back at Stream Energy understands that the inclusion of Delaware to the list of the states that the company services would bring in huge revenue for the energy providing firm.


Stream Energy Profile

For more than 12 years of operation, Stream Energy does not disappoint its clients. They are providing cheap energy alternatives, and most of the states that they have serviced expressed their gratitude to the company for providing an affordable energy supply. The company is starting to become the leader in alternative energy, and their market share keeps on growing, and they are already going head-on against the major players in the industry. Watch for more details!

Established by Pierre Koshakji and Rob Snyder, Stream Energy now has branches in eight states and Washington D.C. They collected more than $8 billion in revenue last year, and according to experts, it is projected to reach higher levels because of the rising demand for energy, especially for those states which are experiencing colder winters.

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Aside from providing affordable and reliable energy sources, Stream Energy is also active in helping the community during disasters. When Hurricane Harvey hit, Stream Energy worked with government departments to ensure that electricity will be restored immediately, especially in areas which were significantly damaged. Stream Energy assisted the government in building new electrical posts, and they have appealed to their maintenance workers to help with the restoration and rehabilitation efforts.

Today, Stream Energy is planning to add more states to their list. They wanted to target the states located near New England, and they are now in the process of visiting these states to determine what the population wanted. Normally, people are asking them to operate in a certain location because of the unimaginable prices of energy sold to the locals.

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