End Citizens United- Fighting For True Democracy

We all know about the current political scenario in the United States and how it is currently transforming. People of the United States want to stand up and fight for their rights and want to have a proper system of governance. People from all across the country are moving forward. They are protesting against the unjust system that is prevalent in the country. They want their country to be run by those people who truly care about the communities in America and can work for their betterment. Despite all their efforts, nothing productive can be seen as the law was passed by the Supreme Court a few years ago. Citizens United bill was passed that gave the authority to successful and huge companies to speak up and participate in a political system of United States. This bill granted the permission to companies to have the same privilege that people of America have along with equal rights.

After the bill was passed, it was seen that the big businesses now have a huge power, especially regarding politics. As a consequence, the big businesses who were already taking part in politics and investing a lot of their finances in political parties started having a lot of contribution as well as power in the political parties. They also started making promises about the betterment of American society just like the political parties according to ballotpedia.org. It would give the impression that the political parties are now under the control of these businesses and whatever these businesses demand, political parties will do exactly as they say. They also started passing bills and laws that were in favor of these companies and will help in their growth and success. The political parties started focusing on the benefits and perks that they can give to these companies. The citizens of United States felt that their rights were ignored and their voices are not heard. They also felt that the political parties have gone astray and now they don’t care about the actual democracy which is the core of politics.

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To end all the oppression against the people of United States by the political parties, End Citizens United movement started. It was run by grassroots entrepreneurs who believed that the power of governance belongs to the people of United States. They wanted to keep the true essence of democracy alive in the country. The organization is of the view that only those people who are well educated and qualified should be given jobs so that the country can prosper. In the light of Donald Trump’s presidency, a lot of people who are neither qualified nor eligible for higher posts have been appointed which is strictly against the rules and regulations. Reappointment of individual members is necessary to ensure that right people are in the right positions.

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