Press-Play Interviews Andy Wirth About Drought and Ski Season Predictions

Californians and Nevada residents are concerned about the drought and how it will affect their water supply in the future. People like CEO Andy Wirth are watching the news for the possible absence of snow this season. Recently, during an interview with Madeline Brand on Press Play, Mr. Wirth told the ways that the ski resorts are dealing with the possibility of less snow. Read more: How Will the Drought Affect California Ski Resorts?

Mr. Wirth told Madeleine in the interview that he is watching the weather and checking on the Stafford report to see about the possibility of the decrease in the “resilient ridge”. This ridge prevents low pressures from developing and from entering the mountain areas. When there is a decrease in moisture, there is usually a decrease in the snow that winter.

According to Andy Wirth, there is no reason to be fearful.

KCRW reporter and interviewer, Madeleine Brand was quick to point out about this being one of the driest years with less snow predicted. In asking what everyone can do to prepare, Ms. Brand was clear to remind Andy of tourism and the weather forcasts. Andy Wirth is a positive individual with many years experience with weather and tourism. He understands how reducing our carbon footprint on the environment may help future years.

It has been tough in the Western mountains but there is hope that holdings like Squaw Valley Ski will not be affected as bad as people feared. CEO Andy Wirth is a go getter and is not scared to work hard to see that his company is successful during the season.

Winter is not the only season that the mountains of California see some action. Events are always going on and most are sold out or highly booked. People love driving along the beautiful parkways in the California mountains. The other events going on in the mountains help keep the books from sinking into a dark hole. Andy was born in Germany. He attended college in Colorado and Scotland.

Andy worked some time with the Rocky National Parks as a backcountry ranger. His experience with the backcountry is helping him to adjust during drought season and find other ways to keep the company afloat.

Married and living in Truckee, Andy Wirth and his family are very happy to be in the California area. He is very open to trying things and is always trying to make things better for individuals such as the wounded warriors. He loves sports and was recently injured in a skydiving accident in the valley. Some people worry a lot about the recent droughts and the fact that California is cutting water usage by 27% this summer.

Some of the other businesses are talking about ways they can help their businesses during the snowy season. There is much hope that the season will be great and no one will be going without miles and miles of white powder. Listen to the interview on KCRW. You too can find some hope in the future of California and Olympic Valley.

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