Waiakea to be Honored for its Inclusion in Inc. Magazine’s exclusive List

Many companies are proud when they efforts are recognized. Recently, Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water was included in Inc. Magazine’s list of the fastest growing companies in America. Waiakea whose core business is provision of naturally healthy Hawaiian water to its clients was ranked 414 out of 5000 American enterprises that were surveyed. Inc. Magazine’s list consisting of the top 500 companies is considered exclusive to top brands such as Microsoft, but Waiakea made it to the list. The businesses that made it to the list will be honored on 10 October 2017 in California in a fete organized by Inc. Magazine.

Ryan Emmons, the company founder and CEO, was excited by their position in Inc. Magazine’s list. Emmons stated that Waiakea had always wanted to be included in the list since he founded the company in 2012. He further said that the company had accomplished a lot since it was established including a 1059% growth witnessed in a period of three years. Emmons is ready to face the future and make his brand a formidable one.
Waiakea prides itself in providing a superior product. The company sources its raw materials, water, from the snowmelt and rains inherent in the Mauna Loa volcano peak. The obtained water is passed through porous lava. The distinctive, delicious, and alkaline taste associated with Waiakea’s bottled water is attributed to its sophisticated filtration technology. The company incorporates a holistic approach to business that considers health, sustainability, and ethical attributes and initiatives.
Waiakea has received several awards in honor of its comprehensive business model. The business model caters to the environment and members of the society. The company has initiated regional reforestation projects aimed at conserving the environment. Waiakea is looking forward to using fully biodegradable bottling materials soon. Waiakea is also concerned with emissions occurring as a result of its operations, and the company is working with renowned emission control experts such Ecometrica to minimize its emissions.
Waiakea, in partnership with Pump Aid, is involved in solving water crisis associated with some parts of the world such as some countries in Africa. As at present, over 1.35 million people in some areas of Africa have access to clean water and basic sanitation courtesy of Waiakea.