Perry Mandera Carves a Name in Transport, Business and Charity Work

When discussing successful businesspeople and philanthropists, Perry Mandera is a name that often comes up. His story is inspirational to many young professionals who would like to be successful in business. Perry Mandera has over the past 20 years carved out a name for himself in two major industries; business and charity. That is why his story continues to receive attention from different sectors.


Background Information

Mandera has worked hard to earn tremendous success in sports as well. It is, therefore, factual that his life story draws into people valuable lessons that are beneficial to everyone. So, just how did he get to where he currently is?


Early Life

Mr. Mandera grew up in Northern Illinois. At a tender age, he attended high school and later earned his diploma around the mid-1970s. Upon graduation, he landed a serving opportunity at the Marine Corps Reserves.


Service to the Nation

When working at the Marine Corps, Mr. Mandera learned how to drive because it was a basic requirement for the job. From this experience, Mandera learned to help veterans throughout his life. A few years after his service in the military, he was discharged. Of course, he was honored in the process. From there, he joined the truck driving industry as a driver.


Mandera in Business

Around the early 1980s, Mr. Mandera decided to establish an independent business. Simultaneously, he became politically vocal. So he decided to sell his business. After selling the company, Mandera vied for a political seat. At that juncture, he was elected as Chicago’s youngest committeeman. Mandera was a good leader who served his people diligently. He put their interests before his career needs. For the four years he served, his track record was clean.


The Custom Companies

Around 1986, Mandera had the idea to establish a transportation company called The Custom Companies Inc. Under his leadership, the transport business managed to employ over 800 workers. Annually, it generates about $200 million. What is more, it serves multiple clients including small business owners and high-profile corporations.



Because Perry Mandera loves people, he donates a significant amount of income to not-for-profit organizations. Of course, most of these charities support veterans, victims of natural disasters as well as children.