Nina Vaca’s Journey to Success

Nina Vaca, one of the most successful female entrepreneurs, recently talked about her success story and what led to her accomplishments. Vaca is the chairperson and current CEO of the innovative Pinnacle Group. While delivering a speech at a women’s summit in Philadelphia, Vaca highlighted how professional and personal goals are intertwined and how one affects the other. She also narrated her journey and how she has struggled to attain such noteworthy achievements.

Some of the most influential and successful people have faced the worst experiences in life. Vaca’s journey to what she is today started at the age of 17 when her father died. Although it was not easy, Vaca was determined to make a difference in her life. She wanted to support her family and had to concentrate on her college education despite the impact of the death of her father.

As soon as Vaca completed her undergraduate program in speech communication and business administration, she wanted to establish an IT company. With the little cash she had, she founded Pinnacle Group, one of the leading IT acquisition and staffing companies in the United States. Since then, Vaca has never given up on her personal and professional dreams. She focuses on excelling in business and encouraging Latina women to join the corporate world. As an immigrant in the United States, Vaca has had to put her best foot forward in every aspect of her life.

Vaca has achieved a lot. She was appointed the Presidential Ambassador of Global Entrepreneurship in 2014. Soon after her appointment, she joined the Secretary of Commerce and traveled to Ghana to support global entrepreneurship. She has also traveled widely and achieved more than most women in the business world. She has been the recipient of prestigious awards like the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2005 and the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Dallas Business Journal.

Wes Edens the great entrepreneur

Wes Edens is a successful businessman who has built a great reputation for himself. Wes Edens has achieved a lot in his business career which has made him very popular. He is an American who has managed to do well in business, private equity investment. Besides being a business person, he has a great passion for sports and owns a sports team. Being born in New York in 1961, Wes Edens grew up with a passion for sports. In every institution he went, he was ever active in sports. His favorite sport was skiing which he won many awards in the different competitions he participated in. he went to Oregon State University where he got his training in Finance and Business Administration. More about of Wes Edens at

The institution greatly equipped him with the necessary skills that came in handy in his career in business. Being a fresh graduate, Wes Edens got employed at Lehman Brothers where he got a job as a partner and managing director of the company. This was the beginning of his career. His second job was at an investment company known as BlackRock. The job at this company equipped him with many skills in investment and learned very many strategies of managing a successful investment. Being able to achieve a lot in his career, he later met with Peter Briger, Robert Kauffman, Randal Nardone and Michael Edward who were all from different investment companies.

They formed a partnership and Fortress Investment Group was born. His exemplary skills in business administration have greatly helped him in leading Fortress Investment Group to success. The company is a world class leading firm in the field of investment and has been able to achieve a lot. It is ranked as the leading company in investment management and offers a wide array of investment products to clients. The company always works to ensure customer satisfaction in the services they provide. Wes Eden’s capability to deal with many challenges and his incorporation of financial creativity are some of the qualities that make him such as exemplary entrepreneur. His wonderful strategies have enabled him to take the company to greater heights.

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HGGC: A Private Equity Firm Of Great Success

Self-described as relationship investors, HGGC is a leading private equity firm helping portfolio companies navigate the dynamics of business. Armed with a multitude of skills, their expertise runs the gamut from leveraged buyouts to add-on acquisitions. Additional strengths include industrial services, recapitalizations, and software. The brains behind this distinguished corporation are Richard Lawson, Lance Taylor, and Steve Young. The latter is a familiar name in the NFL. Upon retiring his helmet, Young was intrigued by the prospect of pursuing business ventures. When he crossed paths with Taylor and Lawson, the three bonded over their passion for investing.

Come 2007, these titans of industry created their very own organization. Since its inception, HGGC’s made an indelible impact on the industry. No doubt recipients of many successes, Young, Lawson, and Taylor take pride in their reputable status. Some of their greatest achievements include creating 116 portfolio investments and charging billions of dollars in business transactions. At its core, HGGC is a firm of strong collaboration tactics. Young maintains that this “old school approach” is the most reliable tool in their repertoire of strategies. What’s more, Young is on record stating that they yearn for partnership in every endeavor they pursue.

Moreover, HGGC’s preferred clientele includes founder-owners, sponsors, and management teams. Young, Lawson, and Taylor are of the school of thought that these individuals are ideal candidates for portfolio and platform investing. Above all else, HGGC is an innovative company of rapidly expanding ideals. For instance, advantaged investing is one practice the organization’s recently adopted, and it’s armed them with keen insight into investor-operator affairs. Young, Lawson, and Taylor continually make efforts to expand their knowledge so HGGC can reap substantial rewards. In essence, these business tycoons hope to evolve alongside the ever-shifting and adapting nature of their trade.