Class Dojo Slowly Improves its Monetary Process to help its Userbase

Class Dojo has been around since 2011 and this EdTech app is considered the best in its class. It was created by Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary to help educators to better communicate with parents about their students. Sam Chaudhary was a teacher in the field of education. He took his experience and the experiences of other teachers to help create the app. Liam Dom used his technical knowledge to bring the app to life. Together they produce one of the best educational apps on the market today.

The primary thing that Class Dojo does is connect parents with teachers. However, it does a lot more than open up dialogue between parents and teachers. Educators also use Class Dojo to provide students with lessons and it is a hot selling EdTech app that has plenty of major backers. The investors in Class Dojo know that this teaching tool is a winner. They do not mind investing their hard-earned money into this company.

The app’s owners know that it is time to take Class Dojo into another direction. This is one of the main reasons why they started to monetize their site back in 2016. Class Dojo is used by many educators, students and parents all over the nation. As a matter of fact, nearly two-thirds of all educators use this application. Since they do, it provides Don and Chaudhary an excellent customer base to present extra content and educational material.

One way that Class Dojo is trying to monetize their site is by providing video content and software to educators, parents and students. This extra content is being developed with top universities around the country. These institutions are leading organizations that understands the American education system and what K – 12 students need to flourish and grow.

The co-owners of Class Dojo do not want to make their app another outlet for commercials and other form of media advertisements. They believe that if they do, it will start to diminish the level of success that this app has made in its seven years of existence. They want to slowly grow Class Dojo and its monetization process. Slow growth will ensure that the company will take the time to develop the right type of services that users will find beneficial.