Rebel Wilson Appreciates the Plight of Women in the Modern World

In the modern world, being a feminist or a male chauvinism is something that is considered to have gone beyond what is expected from any other person in the society.

People are expected to be moderate and push towards achieving their goals and objectives without having to include issues to do with gender on their activities. However, Rebel Wilson has remained as a feminist for a longer period but she adopts that approach with the aim of ensuring that women achieve success like their male counterparts.

However, it is important to highlight that her motive and approach of seeing women succeed in their daily lives has not in any way been motivated or geared towards seeing men fail on their roles.

One of the main aspects that made her to specialize and focus her attention on being a feminist is that she went into an all-girls Christian high school. It is at high school that she realized that most of the ladies don’t accomplish their goals and only end up supporting women on their objectives.

At high school, Rebel Wilson notes that her teachers and mentors encouraged all girls to work hard and achieve their goals. She was encouraged that she is the only impediment to her success.

If she was going to concentrate on her life and education, she was going to be successful. She highlights that she has been happy to see herself accomplishing various goals and objectives at a young age. Wilson continues to highlight that woman should give much attention and focus on achieving their goals and objectives.

Rebel Wilson continues to highlight that she is lucky to live in an era when women are being appreciated for the work they have done and the achievements they have recorded rather than their appearance and sexuality. Read more: Isn’t Romantic Review and Isn’t Romantic Trailer – Hollywoodreporter

Wilson notes that everything seems to have changed within a short period and women are important members of the society. It is also surprising, albeit to Wilson, that women can remain single and also have much success, something that was not expected some years back. This is a clear indication that education, awareness, and some aspects of feminism have played a major role in paving the way for the success of the women.

Through this story, Rebel Wilson wants people to appreciate the role of women in the society. She wants people to appreciate women as important contributors of the economy. Recent studies show that men accomplish their goals in life because they push on with their careers but women fail because they leave their career and get married.

Wilson encourages women to pursue their career first before they can get married or have children, who will have a significant impact in their career achievements.

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Clayton Hutson the Great Sound Engineer

Clayton Hutson is often referred to as a “rare gem” within the music industry as he always brings perfection in all his live performances’. After undertaking theatre design in college and working for different live entertainment companies, Clayton Hutson was able to learn all the tools of the trade which eventually allowed him to create his own entertainment company. His energy and passion have seen him work with a number of the most prominent artists of our time such as Pink. Hutson attributes his idea of owning an entertainment company from his different employment ventures, which allowed him to perfect his skills thereby navigating in the different aspects of live entertainment.

Hutson admits that the primary goal of the live entertainment industry is to wow their clients, therefore comparing it to a “spectacle” type of industry and that hard work and dedication is required to maneuver within this industry. Therefore sitting back on your heels for so long will make you despite the amount of hard work you have much invested. Clayton always finds himself three steps ahead of what he is currently working on, and this allows him to visualize and delegate tasks to his team members effectively. Despite his hard work and dedication, he has also learned to put family first, and has also been honest to others and himself.

Clayton Hutson truly believes in talent, you cannot force talent into anyone, but rather, if one is talented in a particular field, then they do not need to be pushed in doing something. That’s because there are passion and desire that often comes with talent which pushes someone to become great. As an entrepreneur, Clayton Hutson has learned to double and triple check everything he does. When a product is attached to your name, then the consumers expect the quality of the product and services to be impeccable. Failure to do so will end up tarnishing your brand name forever, and this is something that cannot be repaired quickly.

More so, as an entrepreneur, one is not always guaranteed success, and failure is often a path to success. The best way to overcome failure is to learn from your mistakes and get back up. Hutson also recommends that every entrepreneur should read a book by the name “Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff, And It’s All Small Stuff”. This will provide the reader with a different perspective on how to view life personally and professionally.

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart on “How they met,” “Making Music,” and More

Rosenzweig interviewed the duo known as The Chainsmokers around the time of their hit release “Closer” featuring Halsey. The pair answered questions on how they met, working as a pair, the decision to sing on their own track.

Andrew met Alex after hearing that he was in need of someone to fill the second spot in the Chainsmokers duo. Andrew was from Maine and Alex was in New York. The two immediately hit it off and continued to work in the heart of New York City.

Rosenzweig asked, “Do you think that being a DJ duo and being in the electronic genre makes it harder to build a strong identity as artists?” Andrew replied first as he explained that it really isn’t a positive or negative but then continues to talk about the way in which the duo created their identity and their excitement for, “ some new songs that haven’t come out yet that really blur the lines between indie, pop music, dance music, and hip-hop.” They talked about how they are constantly evolving and staying a few steps ahead of the game. Their songs that people are listening to now are from past selves as they have already become and created something new.

When asked how it was to work with Halsey, Alex Pall couldn’t praise her enough. “She’s incredible,” he states. Halsey has all the characteristics of the type of artist that the duo wants to work with. She has a strong voice and unique identity that she is secure in.

Alex and Andrew continued to prove how passionate they are about their work as they dove into the decision of singing and producing their own work. These two know their target audience and how the age range and demographics are both stretching. They are preparing for this shift in the audience as they develop their next tour. Planning to perform more than just DJ, the duo will make the show worth it to all the fans that helped the tickets sell out 7 months before.

Clayton Huston

With several years of experience in organizing and managing musical tours, Clayton Huston has received massive recognition in the music industry. Clayton is a live sound engineer and a production manager. His success in his career is evident following the celebrities who have entrusted him to administration and organized logics at their event Learn more:

As a committed tour manager, Clayton handles the following responsibilities:

Financial management-He provides the tour budget, accommodation, sound, lighting, video equipment, transport, and booking agent commissions.

Travelling on the road- He goes with the artist(s) to the event destination. He also controls travel arrangements, hotel accommodation and departures, venue arrival time and ensuring the venue is organized.

Advancing- Clayton is responsible for contacting tour promoters and venue to ensure the artist’s demands are met. This entails overseeing problems with technical and hospitality needs. Mr. Clayton has done a fantastic job in various events such as One Republic 2017 Honda Civic Tour. He ensured that VER drives did what they were required by providing video, audio, lighting, and combine it with automated rigging. Huston examined the speed and safety of the system before the OneRepublic event. Keenly, he noted the Kinsey’s System which worked brilliantly, repeatable and precise.

Huston is committed to his work and aims at giving his best. Being used to the simplicity of gigs, working with large-scale production such as FOH came along with challenges. However, the sound engineer insisted that his responsibility is delivering the required perfect services not only in small venues but also on broader budget events.

Also, Clayton gives remarks to DiGiCo console on his tours. Despite his budgetary constraints, he was adamant to purchase his console. He attributes his successful gigs to the console features of functionality and Sonics which he became dependent. Huston remarks that the console is no way different from others, therefore, making it unique. “I’m considered an audio survivalist and I try to stack the deck in my favor. Having the best tools for the gig has helped me in whatever situation I happen to be in, and that’s why I’ve relied on DiGiCo as my toolkit of choice for much of my professional career.” Huston explains.