Where to Save When Feeding Your Dog Beneful

We all want wants best for our furry friends but no one likes to pay full retail price on anything. That’s why it’s important to know where to go to save on dog food. Sadly not all of us get coupons in our Sunday papers anymore which makes finding these coupons more of a chore.

A great place to start online is at the manufacturer’s website. You can save three dollars just by visiting the Beneful website. This will sign you up for a mailing list where you can receive coupons directly from Beneful.

Other great places online include coupon sites. Coupons.com and CouponSherpa.com have pages created where you can view the current Beneful coupons and compare them to coupons of other manufacturers. In doing so you see just how much you are saving. These sites will also show you offers so that you can save even more on your shopping trips. Using these sites can save you a lot of time searching through the Sunday coupons (if you still get them).
These coupons can be printed or downloaded.

is a great resource for keeping up to date on the best coupons for your pet. They will list this month’s coupons as well as prior months coupons available to you. These websites are pet specific.

Short of printing off coupons to take to your store you can go directly to your local stores’ website to find the current coupons running in your area. Ideally, you can use these coupons coupled with in-store sales. You can find your national brand coupons like Target and Walmart on their company websites.

Favorite Food Flavor

Variety matters, whether it’s in people, clothing styles or foods, pet and human. Variety is the spice of life, so why not try a variety of dog foods on your pet to see what their favorite is? I’m sure you have a favorite food and can name it in a heartbeat, but what about man’s best friend? Don’t they deserve to be able to find their favorite food using their super smell-er nose and refined taste buds?
Whether it’s adult dog food, puppy food, healthy weight or even salmon flavor, the best option for your pet is out there and it’s easy to find at your local pet stores if you just shop for Purinastore’s Beneful.

Do you see a pattern forming here? Beneful uses healthy, fresh, locally harvested ingredients in their dog foods and treats. They only want the best options to satisfy their very picky customers. All real meat is used as well as carefully ground vegetables and seasonings to add a spark of flavor to your pet’s meal.

Items are also available at PetCo, Walmart and Target in participating stores. Always available at Beneful.com for online purchase. Visit their YouTube channel for more pet raising tips.

Choose Beneful! http://wm6.walmart.com/purina-beneful.aspx