The Successful Life Of Dr. Sameer Jejurikar

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar became a prominent member of the plastic surgery realm after flexing his industrious muscles and ascending the ranks. Earning his degree from the University of Michigan, Jejurikar entered his trade with aspirations of revolutionizing reconstructive procedures. More specifically, Jejurikar hoped to reduce the number of adverse effects unique to gluteal augmentation surgeries. A pioneer through and through, Jejurikar continually strives to refine procedures for the sake of his valued patients. Jejurikar’s regular attendance at seminars and think tanks bespeaks his dedication to amassing knowledge in the hopes of reinventing the wheel.

As a result, Jejurikar’s gained powerful insight, and he propagates his findings by speaking at high-profile conventions including the Dallas Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine Meeting and Annual Meeting of the American Association of Plastic Surgery. In essence, Jejurikar intends to underscore the risks associated with gluteal procedures while providing ways in which surgeons can curtail said hazards. No doubt a noble effort, Jejurikar is far more concerned with safeguarding his patients than obtaining wealth. What’s more, Jejurikar states that his involvement in these meetings is twofold: to better protect patients and remain ahead of the curve. Jejurikar is well aware that his profession is an ever-adapting trade, which is why he makes earnest efforts to remain on the cutting edge of advancements.

When stripped of his scalpel, Dr. Jejurikar treasures his time as a father. If not for his three children, Jejurikar predicts that his sanity would run amok. Between his active teenagers and a rambunctious toddler, Jejurikar’s family life is anything but dull. Fortunately, Jejurikar’s family time distracts from the fast-paced nature of his work. While Jejurikar admits that “free time is sparse,” he’s endlessly grateful for the life he leads. So long as Jejurikar maintains a sensible balance between family and work, a healthy life lies ahead.

Wake Up in Paradise with a Draught of Waiakea Water

Hawaii is a beautiful collection of volcanic islands. Who could imagine that the Mauna Loa volcano here produced the most coveted water in the world? The volcano is both the second largest and the most active on earth. One day, Ryan Emmons tasted the water from the volcanic spring near his uncle’s backyard. The instant hydration and rejuvenation he felt, mingled with the spark of sweetness he tasted from the volcanic rock purification, altogether overwhelmed Ryan. He founded Waiakea Water to bring this precious gift to mankind.

Waiakea Water has nothing but love for Mother Nature. As a result, Ryan decided that he would only share Waiakea Water with an ecologically-friendly plan. In order to do this, Ryan decided to use only 100% RPET bottles (which use a fraction of the water and energy to produce). He further limited the environmental impact with low-emission shipping, while simultaneously giving back to nature with reforestation initiatives. Altogether, these green strategies helped Waiakea secure the first CarbonNeutral® certification ever given to a Hawaiian water company.

The water has the potential to cure many ailments with its natural 8.8pH; including Osteoporosis and acid reflux, among others. The natural electrolytes are just what the doctor ordered, as a purer alternative, for athletes already hooked on processed coconut water. The 8.8 Waiakea water pH is just ever so slightly in the alkaline range. This neutralizes the harmful effects of acid in the body, without giving consumers the painful indigestion of popular antacids. Most of the flavored bottle water is closer to vinegar, with a ph of 3-4. But, even regular bottled water falls somewhere in the 4-7ph range.

There is nothing quite like Hawaiian volcanic water. It is naturally fortified with these key electrolytes and minerals: silica, sodium, magnesium, potassium and calcium. When comparing volcanic water benefits with those of ordinary spring water, there is nothing on earth better than the Mauna Loa. The Mauna Loa aquifier is flooded with fresh rainfall nearly 99% of the year, further topped off with snow melt from its heavenly peaks. The spring itself resides in an Idyllic paradise, surrounded by a pristine bio-diverse forest. Enjoy a draught today!,18.htm

Drew Madden Steers The Future Of Healthcare

Healthcare is a critical part of many people’s lives. Now, one expert wants to help healthcare professionals and healthcare consumers better navigate the world of medicine. That expert, Drew Madden, is using his information technology expertise to help the healthcare world face the future.

Right now, the world of healthcare is at a crossroads. According to a recent article, some of the largest companies in the world are taking drastic steps to position themselves for the future of healthcare. one of those companies is retail pharmacy giant CVS who recently acquired insurance behemoth Atena. That deal, worth about $69 billion dollars, was made to preemptively challenge another possible new player in the healthcare world – Amazon.

Amazon is the largest e-commerce company in the world. A company so powerful that they have been able to single handily turn the grocery world upside down with their acquisition of Whole Foods. Recently, the company has acquired a license to sell prescription medicine in several states. Some financial analysists are speculating that Amazon will try to disrupt the prescription drug business, striking fear into pharmacy retail companies across the country.

Prescription medicine is considered one of the least efficient parts of the healthcare industry. Many prescription drugs are still too expensive and Amazon is seen as one of the few companies with the pricing power to undercut every other retail pharmacy company. Amazon could radically change the healthcare industry but, only time will tell.

One of the people looking to change the future of healthcare, right now, is entrepreneurial Drew Madden. For over a decade, Mr. Madden has helped innovate the world of healthcare through his expertise in information technology. Currently, Mr. Madden is a Managing Partner at Evergreen Healthcare Partners.

Prior to his position at Evergreen Healthcare Partners, Drew Madden was the President of Nordic Consulting Partners. During his four years as the head of Nordic, Mr. Madden was able to drastically grow the company from 3 client partners to over 150 client partners. As the future of healthcare continues to unfold, Drew Madden will be ready to put new ideas into action.