Milan Kordestani Takes His Interests to the Rest of the World

Milan Kordestani is a young man with a diverse set of interests covering three separate and unique areas. A world-famous equestrian and published writer, he is also credited with establishing new methods of farming.

Originally from Stanford, Ca., Milan lived for one year in England before returning to the San Francisco Bay area. He started riding horses at the age of 10 and would soon be competing in the sport professionally. In 2015, he won the first leg of the equestrian “triple crown” and subsequently came in fourth place at the World’s Championship Horse Show, which is part of the Kentucky State Fair, and third place at the American Royal Horse Show, in Kansas City, Mo.

In 2016, while competing in the five gaited pleasure division of the World’s Championship, Milan placed second in his age group. National Horseman magazine lauded his “natural” form and his “dedication” to riding. The publication further noted that Milan seems committed to the challenge of riding the best horses in the world.

Milan’s interest in nature led to his establishment, while still in high school, of Milan Farms. His humane and natural agricultural methods were further advanced when he became the first grower of the spice saffron to employ the hydroponic farming technique. This method uses a water solvent and nutrient solutions in place of soil. Extending his third interest to others, Milan has written articles on agriculture, health and political issues, the writings having been published in the online newspaper The Huffington Post. Having graduated from Sacred Heart Preparatory school in 2017, Milan is currently a student at Colorado College.

In addition to saffron, Milan Farms produces eggs and mint, with a dedication to providing an organic option to consumers. In 2016, the year after it was founded by Milan, it expanded to three farms that provide eggs to American consumers and saffron to consumers throughout the world.