Wes Edens Success Story

Several years ago, Wes Edens, a respected American investor decided to try something new. At first, people who knew him felt that the businessman was investing in an area that was not going to provide enough profits that would sustain his family. Wes Edens has always been ready to take on new challenges in his career life without having to worry about the outcome. The businessman had noticed the frustrations many people were experiencing after the financial problem that hit the whole world. Wes Edens knew that he had the solution to the problems many people were experiencing, and this is the primary reason he was motivated to come up with a financial advisory firm. The American market has never been a walk in the park for any investor. Wes Edens knew that the market was going to be a tough battlefield, and this is the reason he decided to get help from his friends.

Peter Briger and Randal Nardone were willing to walk this tough journey with Wes Edens. The three great investors set out and started an organization that they named Fortress Investment Group. The company primary mission has been offering financial advisory services to customers in many parts of the world. The first office from this organization was established in America. In a short period, customers from many parts of the country recognized the excellent services customers were getting, and this is why they felt that they were going to expand their organization to cover more parts of the world. Being a leader of an international finance company is not just any ordinary job.

Wes Edens works as the co-founder and co-chairman of the large global firm, and he has all the qualities needed for the positions. Wes Edens has worked with the other founders of the company to make the lives of many customers better. The company has successfully opened branches and offices in various parts of the world because of the commitment that has always been shown by the businessman. Wes Edens has been recognized as one of the wealthiest personalities living in the world at the moment. In the course of his career life, the businessman has challenged other investors in the world, and he has also shown them the importance of hard work and honest in the finance department. His hard work has motivated many Americans to focus on changing their financial situations regardless of what is happening in the market.

Martin Lustgarten’s Global Approach to Investing

Investment banking has been widely misunderstood since 2007. At its core investment banking is the assessment of risk and reward in a project or individual and the determination of interest rate for funding that product or individual. This could be something as small as a business loan to open a store or shop all the way to a line of credit for a major company like Starbucks. investment banking comes into play with both and without investment banking, many of the technological advances and companies we enjoy today would not exist.

Martin Lustgarten is not a small picture investor and his portfolio doesn’t represent small picture endeavors. Mr. Lustgarten is a macro-investor with his eye on multiple markets across the globe and a nimble strategy that can capitalize on any openings and upward trends that development. His portfolio includes currencies, commodities, and direct investment though he is most well known for his strategy of importing high demand goods to countries with a need for them and an interest in acquiring them immediately. He has utilized this strategy in Europe and Venezuela independent of one another. In Venezuela, he sold U.S. dollars to the banks which has very low reserves of the world’s reserve currency and needed them as a backstop for their own local currencies.

Martin Lustgarten was born in Florida in 1959 and still lives in Ponte Verde Beach in Florida, to this day. While Martin has globe-trotting tendencies and even owns companies in other countries, his own company Lustgarten is incorporated in the United States and he is still the Chief Executive Officer. This shouldn’t be a surprise since the company bears his name, but some may have believed his diverse investment interests would have left him to delegate the responsibility of his U.S based company. In fact, it is quite the opposite where he always assumes responsibility for his name and reputation.

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