Kenneth Goodgame is a former Ace executive who moved to True Value as a senior VP and chief merchandising officer. His efforts and skills to make customers buy goods have seen him increase profits on every platform he has worked. Goodgame’s main focus Is to deliver a balance of corporate alignment, employee engagement, employee involvement key performance signals and quality assurance systems that enable him to improve performance and profitability.

Goodgame capitalizes on his ability to promote growth using leadership, quality improvement, cost analysis, composed negotiations and productivity enhancement to ensure both the client and the business profit. His main aim is to provide a win-win situation for his company and his customers that have seen him raise the benefits of True Value at an alarming rate.

Kenneth launched a website where he engages in constructive talks that are aimed at improving their knowledge of the financial market. Achieving excellence using the methods available in the corporate world makes him a real inspiration to people especially those who lack motivation for work.

Goodgame is thus an example to people who want to attain flexibility in their jobs as he goes to all acceptable lengths to ensure results are achieved. From the long service in the industry, he understands that the dynamics of the job makes policies shift and change, and one must be ready to change with time to ensure they are relevant and keep their business afloat

As the Chief Merchandiser of True Value he has made the company rise posting great earnings.in the retail business True Value under his watch has developed a way of making the customers pay for their products. Kenneth Goodgame manages the promotions and set up to of products in a strategic way to ensure they draw attention to the customers.

When dealing with retail stores, he emphasizes on the end cap as they are often what a customer sees about aisles as they walk in the warehouse. This is a good strategy as they would easily find something on the end cap as opposed to in the supermarket.This helps the company improve its sales. Zoominfo said that the many years of service have made Kenneth Goodgame an enigma when it comes to merchandising.