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It is important to acknowledge the fact that the financial region flourishes. The industrial know-how is in appropriate combination with experience regarding the litigation aspect. According to Eduardo, the workplace has its focus on both the financial as well as the business markets. Its high-ranked participants as well as the lawyers are vibrant, supportive and have sufficient capability to facilitate the analysis as well as the provision of treasured lawful control regarding business chances as well as credit recovery.

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Cone Marshall Ranks Higher In Performance Following New Changes

Cone Marshall has helped clients from different jurisdictions to solve their dilemmas regarding commercial litigation. The law firm has appeared as a unique player in the New Zealand market for being the first to develop a system dedicated solely to working with clients who request tax and estate law support.


This specialization has allowed the firm to emerge stronger and capable of handling demanding processes. Cone Marshall has come up with a unique service that is helping clients from both the local and international markets to access vital support that has kept their businesses moving.


Since 1999 at the time when it was founded, Cone Marshall has focused on offering services backed by integrity and fair practices. They have not been implicated in any scandal over the years and their professional conduct has earned them a good reputation overseas and locally. Most of the clients who have presented jobs to the firm have commended the new and flawless system of service delivery that has been in application since 2005.


Due to poor performance in first five years after it was founded, Cone Marshall came up with new policies in 2005 and they hired more professionals who brought on board additional expertise and unique ideas that have led to the development of an accurate and fast system.


Most important in this process has been the acquisition of new and better technology that has ensured there are no delays while serving clients. Cone Marshall installed an online filing system where clients can access vital information about the work they hand over. The new technology allows clients to follow the proceedings of the work they issue from remote locations and there is room for the addition of new files whenever necessary.


About the leaders

To attain the success the firm enjoys, Cone Marshall has worked under the supervision of highly trained and experienced professionals. Karen Marshal is among professionals who have been offering solutions that have made it easy to run Cone Marshall. She is a professional who has worked with several companies before and her experience in commercial litigation came as a vital addition to the leadership of the firm.


She joined in 2005 and one year later was made the principal due to her prowess and dedicated support. Karen Marshall appreciates the guidance she has received from Geoffrey Cone, the founder of the firm. Geoffrey is regarded an elder owing to his wise ideas and experience of more than 30 years.