Sapphire Rings Gaining Great Popularity

It all began with The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton sporting the gorgeous 18 carat sapphire engagement ring that was given to her by her prince charming. Perhaps, this sparked the desire in women across the world to have their own prince charming bestow them with their own sapphire engagement ring. Today, more and more women are viewing the sapphire as a very likely alternative to the traditional diamond engagement ring. The Natural Sapphire Company finds that this is a very true statement. They are a leading authority on natural, untreated sapphire stones and jewelry since 1939.

Natural Versus Untreated Sapphire Stones
There seems to be a lot of misconception surrounding a natural or untreated sapphire stone. First, lets take a look at a natural stone. A natural stone is a stone that comes from the ground and was not created in a lab. An untreated stone is simply a stone that has not been subjected to chemicals or heat treatment to improve the color or the clarity. Often, some jewelry stores or websites online state that their sapphires are natural. The fact is that they consider them natural because they were taken out of the ground, but they’ve been highly subjected to chemicals and heat treatment to make them more attractive to the consumer. Consequently, they are natural, treated stones. The fact is that the chemical and heat treatments diminish the value of the sapphire. An untreated stone retains its value and is far superior to treated stones or the lab created, synthetic stones commonly sold in retail stores or online.

The Natural Sapphire Company
The Natural Sapphire Company has brought their designs and expertise to the consumer for nearly a hundred years. Today, they are considered one of the leading providers of natural, untreated sapphire stones. They launched a website in the early part of the 2000s and attracted an even wider variety of customers that were interested in learning more about the natural and untreated stones. The Natural Sapphire Company takes great pride in presenting to their customers top quality sapphire stones that are ethically sourced, accurately documented, and certified by reputable gemologist.