Clayton Hutson the Great Sound Engineer

Clayton Hutson is often referred to as a “rare gem” within the music industry as he always brings perfection in all his live performances’. After undertaking theatre design in college and working for different live entertainment companies, Clayton Hutson was able to learn all the tools of the trade which eventually allowed him to create his own entertainment company. His energy and passion have seen him work with a number of the most prominent artists of our time such as Pink. Hutson attributes his idea of owning an entertainment company from his different employment ventures, which allowed him to perfect his skills thereby navigating in the different aspects of live entertainment.

Hutson admits that the primary goal of the live entertainment industry is to wow their clients, therefore comparing it to a “spectacle” type of industry and that hard work and dedication is required to maneuver within this industry. Therefore sitting back on your heels for so long will make you despite the amount of hard work you have much invested. Clayton always finds himself three steps ahead of what he is currently working on, and this allows him to visualize and delegate tasks to his team members effectively. Despite his hard work and dedication, he has also learned to put family first, and has also been honest to others and himself.

Clayton Hutson truly believes in talent, you cannot force talent into anyone, but rather, if one is talented in a particular field, then they do not need to be pushed in doing something. That’s because there are passion and desire that often comes with talent which pushes someone to become great. As an entrepreneur, Clayton Hutson has learned to double and triple check everything he does. When a product is attached to your name, then the consumers expect the quality of the product and services to be impeccable. Failure to do so will end up tarnishing your brand name forever, and this is something that cannot be repaired quickly.

More so, as an entrepreneur, one is not always guaranteed success, and failure is often a path to success. The best way to overcome failure is to learn from your mistakes and get back up. Hutson also recommends that every entrepreneur should read a book by the name “Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff, And It’s All Small Stuff”. This will provide the reader with a different perspective on how to view life personally and professionally.

Desiree Perez Prompts Growth at Tidal

Desiree Perez knows that there is a lot of competition in the music streaming industry. She also knows that it is impossible to get to the top of the music streaming industry if you don’t have anything that makes your company stand out. She has relayed this information to Jay-Z, CEO of Tidal, and he has made it his business to make Tidal different from the rest. In order to do this he has enlisted the help of his longtime friend Desiree Perez, and she has hit the ground running with a plethora of successful marketing methods that have given Tidal a huge leap on the competition. Jay-Z is being praised for bringing in someone that knows how to handle business.


When the top billion dollar companies like Sprint start looking at what your company is doing it is definitely time to celebrate success. This is what Desiree Perez has been able to do during her time spent grooming the customers at Tidal. She has been able to get herself in a place where she knows about the contracts and the type of vibe that Tidal wants to bring. Jay Z had a vision in mind for this company, but he did not have a concrete way to solidify this vision.


There have been a lot of eyes on what he is doing, and it is evident that all of the things that are coming forth have much to do with what Desiree Perez is constructing. It feels good for Jay-Z to have someone in place that actually knows about the art of negotiating contracts. This exact exactly what Desiree Perez has been called upon to do. She negotiates the contract, and she brings forth a level of hard edge executive style leadership that is needed to help Tidal grow.

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