Avi Weisfogel – Operation Smile

A GoFundMe campaign was recently launched by Avi Weisfogel, a practicing dentist in the New Jersey area, who is passionate about helping others and creating hope for their future. The campaign was launched in efforts to help raise money for Operation Smile, which is a global campaign that is aimed towards helping children with their dental needs. They perform surgeries on cleft palates and cleft lips as well as other dental surgeries. Operation Smile has been making dreams come true for many children for many years. Since then, they have been responsible for providing and executing over 220,000 surgeries throughout the world. With the help of generous individuals and volunteers, they’ve cleared over 80 nations and are still continuing to provide excellent services. Dr. Avi Weisfogel is passionate about helping Operation Smile because of what they stand for. They treat the patient’s as if they are their own children and strive to make a better future for their tomorrow by providing services to them. Dr. Weisfogel thinks that every child should have the best medical care possible and remain hopeful.

Weisfogel has donated $2000.00 to get the campaign rolling, and hopes that the charitable organization will continue to thrive and develop to support children globally. The foundation works with local hospitals and medical offices to guarantee the best care. They also work with government agencies throughout the world to assist in the procedures.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel owns his own dentistry practice called Old Bridge Dental Care, where he provided excellent dental care to direct patient care. The Consumer Research Council named him the top dentist in the area in 2007 through 2013. In 2014, he started Dental Sleep Masters, which is a program that helps educate dentists’ offices in the correction of sleep apnea. He has devised an oral appliance that is used to help correct the disorder, and allow patients to get better sleep, which in return helps them feel more rested and overall better. The Dental Sleep Master’s program teaches them what to look for in each patient so that it can be recognized and caught early. He is an avid supporter of helping patients lead better and more healthier lives with continued hope for the future.