The Annual Polar Bear Jump of Kisling Nestico and Redick (KNR)

Kisling Nestico and Redick (KNR) has always been known for their charity and philanthropy efforts and they are very focused on helping kids out in their time of need and hardships. Kisling Nestico and Redick (KNR) holds a year-long charity program that is geared towards helping kids reach their full potential and helping them develop their innate skills and talents.

Kisling Nestico and Redick (KNR) held their 16th Annual Portage Lakes Polat Bear Jump because winter is definitely the perfect time to swim. The saturday of the 23rd, the team of Kisling Nestico and Redick (KNR) will transform themselves into cute, white Polar Bears and take a freezing plunge into the icy lake all for the Akron Canton Regional Food Bank. The Kisling Nestico and Redick (KNR) is not just doing this for fun, they are hoping to raise $25,000 this year and they are inviting others to join their cause – or also attempt to have a bit more fun and bump them off the leader board for this friendly competition.

Everytime that the Kisling Nestico and Redick (KNR) participates in the Polar Bear Jump, it has been serving as one of the definitive moments of their year. Nestico notes that there is always something special with coming together with you loved ones, family and friends, and uniting for one purpose. The members of the community also pledge their support to the cause and are determined to help those who are in need.

Participating in the Polar Bear Jump is part of the year-long charity campaign of Kisling Nestico and Redick (KNR), called KNR Cares About Kids. Along with this campaign comes their Spring Break Donations which cover for the food provision of the kids during spring break.

The CEO of the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank, Dan Flowers, punctuates that more that 1 out of 5 kids in their eight-county service area do not enjoy the full security of food provision. And it only takes about $1 to provide four meals for a neighbor in need. The donation and contribution of Kisling Nestico and Redick (KNR) will provide food to cover 100,000 meals that will help the individuals and communities covered by the food bank.

The Effects Of Depression In Marriage According To Roseann Bennett

One thing that can be said about depression is that it can strike at any time. A lot of the factors that people would associate with depression are not so much associated with every case of depression. One of the stereotypical images of depression is that of someone who is alone and probably not a celebrity. However, there are cases of depression that have come to affect people that are in marriages. Roseann Bennett has talked about the effects that depression can have on a marriage. For one thing, she has talked about how depression in one partner can affect another partner.


In her interview with Ideamensch, one thing that Roseann points out is that depression can affect the whole family even if it starts with one partner. For one thing, depression shows signs in how people behave. When a person is depressed, he is not going to act the same way as someone who is not depressed. There are some symptoms that are noticeable. Some of them are mild in the effect they have on the family as a whole while others can actually be quite disruptive. One of the symptoms of depression is a lack of energy. This can cause a lot of difficulty for the individual to get even the easier tasks of the day done. Get Additional Information about Roseann Bennett by clicking the link.


Another symptom in depression that can have an effect on the family is anger, especially in men. When people are prone to angry responses, it is very likely that they could be battling a depressive episode. Roseann Bennett is willing to give mental health the treatment and the help that is needed for maintenance. While there is a lot of effort being put forth to treat different mental conditions, it is also important for people who are mentally healthy to look into different factors that can cause their mental health to decline. Read more Why Self-Care Is An Important Part Of Any Business Strategy.