The Goals That End Citizens United Have For The Coming Elections

End Citizens United is a grassroots political action committee that was set up to deal with issues affecting the electorate and the elections process in general. The PAC was very active before, during and after the just concluded general election, and they had the hope of putting as many Democratic Party Candidates into office as they possibly could.

They did succeed in raising funds and helping the campaigns of several Senators and others. The group is, however, not pleased with the results of the presidential elections and as such; they are already gearing up for the Congressional Mid-terms in 2018.

The group started its activities after the 2010 FEC vs. Citizens United case in the Supreme Court. They lost the case, and a law was put in place making it possible for super PACs to participate in the elections by funding the candidates of their choice. End Citizens United feel that this legislation has made it very easy for groups such as Koch Brothers and other unclean sources of money to be invested in politics. They also think that the involvement of such characters in politics leads to the election of leaders who are morally compromised.

Their approach to the issue is to have the constitution amended to lock the Super PACs out. To make this happen, they have started collecting signatures for the petition. Currently, they have collected about 300,000 signatures out of the one million that they need to make it happen. They are hoping that their deal with the “Ready for Hillary’ movement, which has more than 4 million members, will help them gather the remaining signatures. The group has allowed ECU to access their email list, and this is seen as the first step towards their amendment goal.

Some people feel like ECU’s goal to have the constitution amended is a little over-ambitious. The last time the constitution was changed was in 1992. ECU, however, believes that they owe it to the Citizens to do their best and rectify laws that could lead to their oppression. They have vowed to keep raising funds and keep raising awareness of the issues within the political and legislative processes.

Their target is to raise more than the $25 million that they managed for the last election. The CEO of the group says that they already see signs that they will do much better than they did in their fundraising efforts. She confided that they had received thousands of donations, and most of them were first time contributors. It goes to show that there are people who are not happy with those who are currently in office, and they are doing their best to rectify the situation. The group is destined to make great changes to the politics of the country.

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