Bob Reina: Changing Lives

He is the dynamic founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina. A company that started way back in 2007, that became dedicated to the communities its serves and making sure it gives back. Mr. Reina believes the culture of the company is just something they do, helping people. He guides his team to work together and motivates them on how they can make a difference. In a stunning attempt, he has given an astounding $1 million dollars to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. Mr. Reina wants to save lives, it plain and simple and clearly no secret. His support of animals doesn’t stop there as he has even provided funds to an Indonesian orphanage. Bob is known for his generous monetary gifts to non-profits. His company and partners have come together to help in over 140 countries. The goal and ideal mission is to help across the globe where charities and non-profits are in serious need.


Mr. Reina wants to share their strong message with the world and help extend their causes. He shows his drive in his work by creating and maintaining state of the art, visually intriguing marketing videos. He listens to how his products have altered the lives of his customers. That is what he wants to know and cares about. Whether Mr. Reina, gives to victims of the Nepal earthquake or those who have lost so much in a Tsunami, Bob shares his time in volunteering and trying to get resources to all in need. He strongly believes that success comes from commitment that doesn’t waver over the years. You need to be in it for the long haul. Mr. Reina started from the bottom working his way up from a part-time job in sales. His leap into marketing was when he decided to take on the risk of forgoing security for believing in his vision and never letting anyone discourage him. This attitude has brought many to his team at Talk Fusion, which grows with professional leadership in the marketing industry. He has always admired the Talk Fusion Associates that make him work harder each day to put out a product that makes him proud. Learn more: