Newswatch TV Reviews the Ultimate Workstation

Extraordinary human engineering is the goal of Contour Design. Contour has elevated the workspace to a healthy and comfortable environment.

Fluid ergonomics is the cornerstone of the ultimate workstation line of keyboards. Delivering comfortable positioning for hands and fingers. A feature rich keyboard engineered for maximum productivity.

Three variants to the ultimate workstation line give the user enhanced personalization. Comfort and precision is a centerpiece of the patented roller bar mouse. The focus is centralized and stress on the hands and fingers lessened with this front bar mouse design. Dynamic adjustment of typing speed another of the many features. Wireless and adjustable pitch levels add more features to an already impressive list. Smart power saving technology eliminates the need for an on/off switch.

Contour Design targeted the U.S. employee and employers with both online and television formats. The aim of the ultimate workstation campaign was to increase exposure and sales of this breakthrough product. Newswatch TV was chosen to create the video campaign. Newswatch has full production and editing facilities.

The Newswatch TV review of the ultimate workstation received nearly 700,000 online impressions in over 200 U.S. markets. Bret Hudson a product-marketing manager at Contour attributed the spike in sales to the overall quality of design and production at Newswatch.

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