ClassDojo Connecting Teachers, Parents, and Students

It has been well established, that children with parents who are involved in their child’s school work and activities are more likely to succeed. As a rule, parents had to wait for a parent-teacher meeting to find out how their student was doing unless there was a problem. Thank’s to a new phone app those days are over. Parents and teachers can now communicate any time the need arises, weekly, monthly or even daily. ClassDoJo users are apprised daily about what their kids are experiencing and how they are behaving at school. Knowing what is going on at school will make it easier for parents to have conversations at home with their child that will support and enhance the students learning experience.

ClassDojo, founded in San Francisco, California in 2011 is experiencing incredible growth, making it one of the fastest growing education technology companies of all time. To date, the startup has raised $31 million in venture capital. This funding will make it possible for ClassDojo to explore new features that will be useful to parents, and to expand their team. While there are numerous education app’s on the market, ClassDojo is a free app designed to create a culture and community among teachers, parents, and students.

ClassDojo has assembled a team of experts from around the world, engineers, designers and educators with backgrounds in public and charter schools as well as Google and Facebook and several others. Currently, several million teachers, students and parents in 2/3 of the schools in the United States, and 180 countries now use the app. Meaning 85,000 public, private and charter schools in the U.S. are now using ClassDojo.

Co-founders CEO Sam Chaudhary and CTO Liam Don assure users they will never make revenue of any data collected from users. Realizing privacy is paramount, particularly when children are involved, they feel they will be able to create new features for the app that parents will be willing to pay to use. In the future parents will be able to use the app to pay for things like lunches, school supplies, field trips, yearbooks or for any other reason they have to send money to school with the kids.

At this time the biggest users of ClassDojo are kindergarten through 8th-grade teachers. Among the many uses teachers are finding for applying the app is taking pictures of a student during the day, showing off his or her latest work or participating in school activities. Teachers and parents alike are enjoying the ease with which a teacher can keep parents informed about upcoming school events, daily progress reports if necessary and the opportunity for parents, teachers, and students to communicate.

How To Choose An Effective Online Reputation Management Tool

Why should you bother with an online reputation management tool at all? The answer to that question is that online reputation management tools will help you to keep track of customer experiences with your brand. It will also let you influence brand perception and control the narrative about your company.

Do you have an idea of what is being said about your brand on the web? Taking the time to imagine yourself as a customer shopping for one of your items can really put a new perspective on your company that can help you improve the image of your firm. By managing your online reputation you can see how you can better reach out to your current audience as well as reach new potential clients for your business.

Essentially online reputation management involves searching content about your products on the web and seeing what is being said about them. You can do this manually, although this is likely to be time consuming. If you are a big company or have lots of sales then this will impossible to do without assistance or a lot of employees. Fortunately, you can use computer software that uses machine processing to quickly locate and spot relevant information posted on the web about your company’s business.

You should not depend solely on machine processing software to help you find and gauge positive and negative content on the web. Remember that machine processing can miss out on sarcasm, mixed language reviews and different dialects of a language. Use human insight as well as machine processing to get the most accurate picture of your brand image on the web.

Why should you the time out of your work hours and spend money on online reputation management? Here are just a few reasons why it will be worth it. Online reviews impact sales. With online reputation management you can keep a firm grasp on the reviews that people are posting online and address them promptly if there any issues. Information can travel at lightning speed on social media these days. If you have effective online reputation management tools in place you will be able to quickly spot any negative or false information spreading on the web and prevent a crisis or public relations disaster. Lastly, you can better see and address the needs of your audience and customer base.



US Money Reserve Wants Everyone To Try Gold Coins

Gold coins as investments are something that a lot of people might think are not a good idea, but they are the best idea in light of the fact that the economy is changing so much. There are many people who have to make sure that they will be able to get the investments they need to survive a financial crisis, and the US Money Reserve makes a lot of gold coins that people will enjoy. This is why collecting gold coins can be the best investment, and it is very important that people are able to get much better results from the kinds of coins they buy.


The US Money Reserve has a lot of designs that people will enjoy, and they are a very good company to work with when people want to have a diverse collection. The collection that people have can be sold at any time, and they have to be sure that they have gold coins that will grow in value the most. This means that they will need to make sure they can buy as much as they can every year while they are preparing to sell them.


The US Money Reserve is always coming out with new designs, and they want all their customers to give them a try. They think that they can make these things much easier to manage just by giving customers new coins every year that are very easy to collect. Collecting for investment because an easy goal to reach.


The coins will always get more valuable because of the fact that they are going to go up with gold values. Gold values are always rising, and it helps people who are trying to make more money on the market as they invest. Investing should be a lot easier because the gold coins are so stable, and it is much easier for people to get the help that they need when shopping with the US Money Reserve.

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Doe Deere- Exceptional Color Choices for the Bold and The Beautiful People

When you walk into the store to purchase your cosmetics, what do you look for first? Are you drawn to the choices that are bright, bold or bland? Do you want to stand out in a crowd or do you want to blend in? If you are choosing to stand out against the rest of the world, then you should look into Lime Crime cosmetics. The line of cosmetics is made by Doe Deere. She is the founder of the company as well as the CEO. She spends a good amount of her time creating color choices that will be sure to allow you to stand out in the crowd.


Doe decided at an early age that she was going to do something with her love of art. She would spend an amount of time playing around with her momma’s makeup and when the neighborhood kids would come to play, she would drag out the makeup and create makeovers for all the neighborhood little girls.  The little girls loved the colors and loved that they looked so grown up which is why her line is so popular today. People love the choices because they are more bold than most of your basic color choices.


Living in Russia for most of her childhood, Doe and her family moved to the US when she was 17. She moved to New York City which allowed for her dreams to come true. She decided to venture out and joined a band. It was during this time that she met a man, fell in love and years later, married. Once they were married, she and her family moved to California, opted to start creating her own makeup line and this is what started Lime Crime in the first place. People love the choices available to them such as eye shadow, lip gloss, lipsticks and even nail polish. Who wouldn’t want that right?

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Cone Marshall Ranks Higher In Performance Following New Changes

Cone Marshall has helped clients from different jurisdictions to solve their dilemmas regarding commercial litigation. The law firm has appeared as a unique player in the New Zealand market for being the first to develop a system dedicated solely to working with clients who request tax and estate law support.


This specialization has allowed the firm to emerge stronger and capable of handling demanding processes. Cone Marshall has come up with a unique service that is helping clients from both the local and international markets to access vital support that has kept their businesses moving.


Since 1999 at the time when it was founded, Cone Marshall has focused on offering services backed by integrity and fair practices. They have not been implicated in any scandal over the years and their professional conduct has earned them a good reputation overseas and locally. Most of the clients who have presented jobs to the firm have commended the new and flawless system of service delivery that has been in application since 2005.


Due to poor performance in first five years after it was founded, Cone Marshall came up with new policies in 2005 and they hired more professionals who brought on board additional expertise and unique ideas that have led to the development of an accurate and fast system.


Most important in this process has been the acquisition of new and better technology that has ensured there are no delays while serving clients. Cone Marshall installed an online filing system where clients can access vital information about the work they hand over. The new technology allows clients to follow the proceedings of the work they issue from remote locations and there is room for the addition of new files whenever necessary.


About the leaders

To attain the success the firm enjoys, Cone Marshall has worked under the supervision of highly trained and experienced professionals. Karen Marshal is among professionals who have been offering solutions that have made it easy to run Cone Marshall. She is a professional who has worked with several companies before and her experience in commercial litigation came as a vital addition to the leadership of the firm.


She joined in 2005 and one year later was made the principal due to her prowess and dedicated support. Karen Marshall appreciates the guidance she has received from Geoffrey Cone, the founder of the firm. Geoffrey is regarded an elder owing to his wise ideas and experience of more than 30 years.



Lime Crime Founder Doe Deere and Her Humble Beginnings

Doe Deere is the creator and founder of Lime Crime a successful cosmetic brand and is undeniably known as the “Queen of Unicorns”. Deere had a humble start as a seventeen year old moving to NYC from Russia. She has lived in New York City between 1998 and 2012 and blossomed while there. Starting out young as a musician in a band in Brooklyn, Doe Deere has made a name for herself in the make up industry.

Doe Deere has always dreamed big with dreams of being a musician when she moved to the United Sates from Russia as a teen. As a musician, Doe Deere learned the ins and outs of marketing and the value of great supporters. She met her most important partner yet while in a band, her husband. Both being songwriters, they soon came to work very well together.

At thirteen years old when living Russia, she began selling temporary body art tattoos. She had the marketing and trend setter sense thaw would follow her through out life. She convinced her classmates to like the temporary tattoos and buy them from her as well. She was able to hone in on her natural borne entrepreneurial skills, to make her temporary tattoo business a success. Doe also has roots in music and fashion, and attended FIT in New York, where Deere Majored in fashion.

Lime Crime was born from a mix of Doe Deere understanding that a lot of people are unique and her love of bright colors. In 2008, Deere found it hard to find the bright colors that she craved, so she started making them herself, and others loved them as well. During this time, neutral colors were very popular, so she was surprised to see that so many others liked the same colors as her.

The Queen of Unicorns credits making it to the big times in the
beauty industry to hard work. She wants young woman to know that everyone is special and you should share that with the world. Doe Deere has a message to young woman that it is imperative to be in tune with who you are and to know who you are. She feels its important to be where you love to be and do what you love to do.
Doe Deere says that being different is okay, and unique skills and talents should be shared with the world.

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Kenneth Goodgame is a former Ace executive who moved to True Value as a senior VP and chief merchandising officer. His efforts and skills to make customers buy goods have seen him increase profits on every platform he has worked. Goodgame’s main focus Is to deliver a balance of corporate alignment, employee engagement, employee involvement key performance signals and quality assurance systems that enable him to improve performance and profitability.

Goodgame capitalizes on his ability to promote growth using leadership, quality improvement, cost analysis, composed negotiations and productivity enhancement to ensure both the client and the business profit. His main aim is to provide a win-win situation for his company and his customers that have seen him raise the benefits of True Value at an alarming rate.

Kenneth launched a website where he engages in constructive talks that are aimed at improving their knowledge of the financial market. Achieving excellence using the methods available in the corporate world makes him a real inspiration to people especially those who lack motivation for work.

Goodgame is thus an example to people who want to attain flexibility in their jobs as he goes to all acceptable lengths to ensure results are achieved. From the long service in the industry, he understands that the dynamics of the job makes policies shift and change, and one must be ready to change with time to ensure they are relevant and keep their business afloat

As the Chief Merchandiser of True Value he has made the company rise posting great the retail business True Value under his watch has developed a way of making the customers pay for their products. Kenneth Goodgame manages the promotions and set up to of products in a strategic way to ensure they draw attention to the customers.

When dealing with retail stores, he emphasizes on the end cap as they are often what a customer sees about aisles as they walk in the warehouse. This is a good strategy as they would easily find something on the end cap as opposed to in the supermarket.This helps the company improve its sales. Zoominfo said that the many years of service have made Kenneth Goodgame an enigma when it comes to merchandising.

Handy Has Become Popular In Different Parts Of The World

Although Handy has become extremely popular in the USA and is in dozens of cities, they also have availability in Canada as well as in London, which is not something that any other home cleaning company can say. The cleaning venture opened years ago and has soared to the height of popularity by becoming the number one go-to online cleaning service with other services available. When many people think about Handy, they always think about their cleaning services, even though they have a lot more to offer.

The cleaning services are so popular that they make up over 80% of the revenue that the company brings in, and the company is seeing seven figures or more in income every week. Handy has now become the Uber of the cleaning world because they are available in different countries online, and their services are very desirable and reasonably priced as well. The way that Handy works is to hire independent contractors to work underneath the name Handy, which means every worker is in charge of their own income and can easily determine how much they make on a weekly basis. Those that choose to work five days a week can easily make up to $500 or more weekly.

Although cleaning seems like an easy job, Handy isn’t quick to hire just anybody to do their services. Since the cleaning services from Handy is the most important and their main source of revenue, they want only the best people that can do the job. The job is meant for those who have had experience in cleaning before, whether they have worked for a company or have other experience that makes them qualified. Professionalism is what Handy values, and those that can prove that they can work well for Handy will go a long way with the company.

Handy is available online, which according to means that those who want the services that they offer must sign up for an account online and must also make payment online as well as completing their service request online. Many find it a lot more convenient to get the services they need online because it means they can do it anywhere, even if they are away from home. Along with the cleaning services that Handy offers, they are also proud to offer painting services, plumbing, moving services, assembly services and more, and each service is available on the Handy website.

Goettl Air Conditioning Returns to Los Vegas

Goettl Air Conditioning and Heating Company is one of the institutions that offer air conditioning and heating services to consumers. The organization takes pride in the ability of its technicians and staff to exceed all the customer expectations. The company offers commercial and home comfort services in Phoenix area and other surrounding areas. Goettl provides services such as the installation of heat pumps, central air units, air cleaners, ductless mini-splits, humidifiers, furnaces, UV germicidal lights, radiant heating systems and many other activities. If you are looking for an AC in the market or may be your old indoor air quality is not what you need, it is advisable to visit the company. The customer care services are also excellent, and they are available twenty-four hours a day.

In April 2016, Goettl brand announced that it was planning to return to Les Vegas, thanks to Ken Goodrich, the Chief Executive Officer of the company. The air conditioning company will be opening its service doors to Henderson and Las Vegas area. According to Ken Goodrich, the company will provide maintenance, replacement, and repair.
The arrival of the company to Les Vegas will bring several benefits to the individuals living in the area. First of all, the company is expected to create job opportunities for the people in the region. Most of the individuals who will get the opportunities will be the HVAC technicians.
The chief executive officer of the company says that the firm will be hiring over fifty employees in the year 2016. Within the next three years, the Goettl will increase this number to two hundred and fifty in order to meet all the requirements of the consumers. Since the company was founded many years ago, its main initiative was to hire veterans, and this will happen in Les Vegas. Goettl is not only looking to create jobs but create successful careers for the employees too. The institution believes that education and training are as important as hiring.

Education has always been one of the top priorities for the air conditioning company. The institution believes that daily training of the technicians handling customer care is of great importance. Apart from hiring and training professionals in the region, Ken Goodrich has gone ahead and created a special endowment fund that is known as Duncan Goodrich Air Conditioning Technology Program. According to Ken, the program was inspired by his father, and it is the perfect way to give back to the community.

Malini Saba; how she rose through the Ranks of Business to become a Renowned Business Leader

Whenever you think about international business personalities, Ms. Malini Saba’s name will often pop at the top of your head. The South Asian businesswoman has worked relentlessly to get to the top. She is one of the most established women in business and charity activities. Her accomplishments in business and philanthropy are widely recognized and internationally acknowledged.

Ms. Malini’s business story is almost an enchanted one. She began her ventures by traveling throughout the world and investing in different industries. When she entered the business world, alongside her associates, she realized that the international business arena was not as kind as people often paint it to be. While trying to build her investment portfolio, she was being attacked by corrupt entities that were trying to put her out of business.

That notwithstanding, Ms. Malini did not lose her spirit; she kept on fighting. She lost a lot of valuable time, business, and money while at war with the corrupt entities. Due to the relentless chaos, Ms. Malini and her associates decided to pursue other business ventures. They believed that their business journey would not always be an easy one. They met new challenges in their new endeavors but their spirit of not giving up kept them going.

Through her continued hard work, Ms. Malini was finally able to attain business success. She is currently a successful businessperson controlling vast recourses and wealth. Her main business interests revolve around rice plantations, real estate, and energy-based companies.

Malini Saba is not a self-centered individual. Even with the busy life of a business personality, she still finds time to look out for the interests of others. Her works of charity have seen her start the Stree Global Investment for women. It is a global charity that helps low income earning women to improve their lives. She is a strong believer in women’s power arguing that together, empowered women could uplift any society.

Malini began her career at Silicon Valley where they had rented a small apartment with her partner. While living there, she became familiar with several startups and invested in them. Some of them, such as PayPal, became big industry names. When the startups took off, Ms. Malini was able to generate a lot of wealth and success.

Ms. Malini is also known for being a down to earth person. Despite her great financial success, she does not have a nanny. Instead, she takes care of her children and looks after her home.