OSI group Was Tasked With The Producing

The OSI Group grew out of the booming German-immigrant community in Chicago, Illinois. During the onset of the 20th Century when people from German made up a quarter of the city population, the city which was the center of great industries that had got set up welcomed an immigrant group who went and established their farms on the western plains.

In 1909 the founder of OSI Group Otto Kolschowosky who was part of the immigrants opened a small meat retail and butcher shop to serve the community that had settled in the area, this was two years after moving to the United States. Due to the excellent business environment at the time the business grew exponentially, and by the end of the First World War he had to expand his operations into a wholesale model, and the business moved to the Chicago suburb of Maywood.

After operation for a decade the company had established its root and gained quite a substantive market share, this had the business to rebrand into Otto & Sons in 1928 to perpetuate the storyline of a family-based business. By the time the Second World War was over the company had become a thriving local business that became a vital part of the American society.

The significant breakthrough to the market came when McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc went into an agreement with the Sons of Otto Kolschowosky – Arthur and Harry to be the first suppliers of fresh ground beef. Over the years the Mc Donald’s franchise grew into some local restaurants, and the supply of meat primarily was the Otto and Sons Company’s primary mandate.

As the Mc Donald business grew his business model was built around supplying their clients with a consistent and quality product and the core in this operation is the hamburger, and thus the OSI group was tasked with the producing of steady affordable and consumer-driven merchandise that is transported across all of the Mc Donald’s restaurants. In 1960 with the invention of cryogenic food processing and other technological advancements it made it easier to freeze food using liquid nitrogen creating new opportunities for product expansion and reduction of costs in the industry.

Over the years the trade relations between the two companies has grown in leaps and bounds with the OSI Group opening state of the art facilities whose primary purpose is to produce the Mc Donald product line and as the latter company expanded into the global market OSI group also followed suit.

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