JHSF Participacoes SA Under Jose Auriemo Neto Sterns the World after Announcing Construction of Executive Airport

When the news to construct the Catarina Executive Airport in Sao Paulo by JHSF Participacoes SA came out, everybody was shocked. The challenge many people got was how the airport would be upon completion. However, this would be sorted after a while.

Although the construction of the Catarina Executive Airport is a good thing, not all people who received the news with awe will enjoy its services. The good thing about the news is that once complete, Sao Paulo would join other big cities in the world that have the same kind of airports.

The design of the Catarina Airport aims at those who would be using the Executive Aviation. Ideally, this segment is only for diplomats, executive airports, local and international as well as long-haul flights that travel to distant lands.

JHSF Participacoes SA, a Brazilian real estate and financial investment company, which has funded the construction, says that the executive airport would make Brazil the ideal tourist attraction in South America.

The modernly designed airport would have state-of-the-art airport infrastructure, its own traffic control system and equipment among other things. These high-tech equipment would allow a 24-hr service operation.

When making the announcement, JHSF Participacoes SA said that the airport would not experience what is dominant in other international airports. The company’s CEO, Eduardo Silveira Camara, said, that while many international airports impose restrictions on common travelers, there would be nothing of the sort at Catarina Executive Airport.

The airport would be able to receive large and executive jets that would depart for Paris, London, and New York, among other international cities. The CEO said that it is expected that Catarina Executive Airport would receive big jets such as The Falcon 6X and 8X from Dassault Falcon Jets, Global 7500, G550 Gulfage, and Gulfstream’s Embraer among other big jets that will offer nonstop international flight services.

Apart from the building of Catarina Executive Airport, the Eduardo Silveira Camara-led JHSF Participacoes SA invests in real estate, upscale hotel, and restaurant construction, financial investments and acquisitions, and offers various services on property management and administration. The company has several local and international subsidiaries that help it to monitor the business accurately. Some of the company’s international subsidiaries are in Uruguay, and New York, USA.

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